PlayStation 5 Prices Pre Orders & Availability

Well it’s Finally Here, Sony has provided a bunch of Japanese gamers early access to the PlayStation 5 console and has allowed them to play some games on the PlayStation 5 for around 80 Mins, lets dig deep and find out answers to some of the burning questions around the PlayStation 5 console

Let’s talk about the hardware first

Well from the looks of it it seems like the PlayStation 5 is not as big as it was thought it to be, Officially yes the PS5 is big, but it’s not up to the point where it will look out of place in front of your TV, the official dimensions of the PlayStation 5 is 15.35 inches tall, 10.23 inches and 4.09 inches wide.

Playstation 5 Dimentions

It seems that you will require a stand to place the PlayStation 5 either Horizontally or vertically, the stand will come in the Box itself, we believe the stand is to ensure better ventilation of the system, which brings us to the next point

The thermals

If you are an Existing PS4 Owner you would probably know that when you play games your PS4 or PS4 Pro makes a lot of Fan Noise, and it feels like as if the device is going to take off in the air,

Playstation 5 Thermals

but in the case of the PS5 we awe are glad to report that the PS5 is extremely Quite ad Cool, As dictated by japnese gamer “4gamer” even after playing in the ps5 for over 80 minutes in a relatively warm room the fan noise of the PlayStation 5 is Non Existent

Maybe it’s all because of the new thermal design Sony patented sometime back, which started the whole discussion about the unconventional Hardware design of the PS5

It seems that it works ha

Next Is the UI

Well, sony has promised that they will completely re-design the UI in the PS5, and Honestly, I was not a fan of Horizontal Scrolling in the PS4 UI, It will be really good to see what’s next in the UI department.

Playstation 5 Ui Teaser

But Unfortunately, Sony has not Revealed the UI till date (5th Oct 2020), we just have a small startup Video of the PS5 but it doesn’t show andy UP elements, we just need to wait and watch on this ONE.


Officially the PlayStation 5 Prices are not available, but we can confirm that the PlayStation 5 will be Priced in India at around Rs.55 thousand, we know it a bit higher than the Xbox Series X Pricing in India and also it is around 35% higher than the international Markets,

Playstation 5 Amazon Page

But Keeping in Mind that India is always a low priority market for sony and historically they have always Priced the console around 20 to 30% higher in India, this price looks accurate.

The games for the PlayStation 5 are also getting dearer by 15% in India, the games will be priced at around 5k per standard game, however, the special edition of games will clock even higher Prices.


For India, Amazon will be an exclusive Online retailer for the PlayStation 5 initially, and some Offline stores like landmark will be selling the PlayStation 5, but the availability of the PlayStation 5 at Launch in either of the outlets is sketchy.


For India, sony has not specifically spelled out any concrete details, however, they have said that by Nov19 2020, the PlayStation 5 will be available worldwide, we expect the PlayStation 5 to be available in the Launch Date in India, but it will be in Extremely Limited numbers and getting your hands on the PlayStation 5 will be a Difficult Proposition at Launch in India.

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