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The best games of 2020 – Let’s discuss

gamers were delighted by some of the most beautiful, cleverly crafted, and unique experiences that s...[Read More]

A look at our most anticipated games of 2021

Last year was a special one for the gamers. Not just gaming in lockdown was fun with new friends you...[Read More]

Behind The Scenes

Get behind the scene details of the game right from the developers Get Behind the Scenes with Keanu ...[Read More]

PlayStation 5 Prices Pre Orders & Availability

Well it’s Finally Here, Sony has provided a bunch of Japanese gamers early access to the PlayS...[Read More]

Latest on Hardware

Sony WH-1000XM2 is a premium Bluetooth headphone from Sony. It comes at a premium price tag of aroun...[Read More]

What is blockchain ? Well in the simplest of terms “Blockchain” is a kind of database technology whi...[Read More]

The newest iteration of the highly successful Samsung galaxy series of phones is here, its called th...[Read More]

Lets talk about a tiny and cute bluetooth speaker from Philips, called “Bt40BK” Philips ...[Read More]

What an amazing way to start off the year. CES The greatest show of the tech world kick started just...[Read More]

Pixel 2 line of phones are successors to the original “Made by Google” phone, that was launched last...[Read More]

FnD is a relatively new brand launched in india and they are quickly gaining ground in this market w...[Read More]

The great big thing that I and probably many of us were waiting for is finally here. Yesterday AMD’s...[Read More]

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