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PlayStation 5 Prices Pre Orders & Availability

Well it’s Finally Here, Sony has provided a bunch of Japanese gamers early access to the PlayStation 5 console and has allowed them to play some games on the PlayStation 5 for around 80 Mins, lets dig deep and find out answers to some of the burning questions around the PlayStation 5 console Let’s talk about the hardware first Well from the looks of it it seems like the PlayStation 5 i...[Read More]


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Cloud Gaming – The Way forward

Traditionally Gaming has been dominated by Consoles, Mobiles, and PC hardware and all these three Options require a lot of initial investment from the player’s end,  Cloud gaming can solve this issue. let’s deep dive into cloud Gaming and understand the fundamentals. Let’s Start with Basics:  What’s cloud gaming? Cloud gaming, generally known as gami...[Read More]


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Darkarta: A Broken Heart’s Quest

Description “Darkarta: A Broken Heart’s Quest” is the dream project of Tuttifrutti Interactive. This is an epic hidden object game adventure that depicts the frantic quest of a mother in search of her kidnapped daughter along the enchanted valleys of forgotten Indus civilization. Story Synopsis Haunted by strange dreams during her orphanage days, Mary never knew the story of her dark past until th...[Read More]


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Ghost of Tsushima Review

Well, this is probably the last big bang game release for the PlayStation 4, yes we are talking about Ghosts of Tsushima, the game is 1st game from the developer Sucker Punch in almost 6 years, Watch Video review here Ghosts of Tsushima fill a much need void in the gaming industry for an ancient style sword fight Open world RPG game, Ya-Ya we know that description seems to be very reminiscent of A...[Read More]


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Sony’s Death Stranding Comming to PC- HArdware requirements Revealed

Finally it’s here Kojima Productions have revealed the system requirement for their highly successful game “Death Stranding”, well the hardware requirement is not very demanding given that this is a Playstation 4 game, nevertheless we feel the game will have some graphical advancements over the Playstation 4 Pro version The Recommended hardware settings for  30fps Gameplay a...[Read More]


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Lenovo Ideapad s540 Unboxing and Lite Review

Our take on the Lenovo Ideapad s540, the thin & lite Notebook laptop, the configuration is at best in the medium range, watch the video to find out more about the Laptop Configuration: 512GB SSD edition with 10th gen Intel Core i5 processor running at 1.6Ghz to 2.6Ghz and 8 GB of DDR4 Ram running at 2666 Mhz and 2 GB DDR 5 Nvidia Graphics Card.


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Game Streaming Services Vs Game Subscription services

Streaming services have become the backbone of modern-day entertainment,  today’s consumers demand the best Possible Experience at a competitive price and they don’t really care about outright buying the Product / Service and gaming industry is also moving to the same subscription-based business model where consumers can pay a monthly fee to access a huge catalog of games that they can play ...[Read More]

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Ps5 or Xbox Series X what’s Next gen about them and what should we expect from these two devices.

Well the console scene has heated up with Both Sony and Microsoft Unveiling technical details about their Upcoming Consoles. While both the systems uses a custom CPU and GPU combination from AMD, With the xbox series X having slightly higher “flops” than the ps5, it seems that the war is not about the raw power, the bottleneck lies between the DATA transfer – Processes – Displayed rate...[Read More]

Detroit: Become Human Final Mission – Battle for Detroit – Markus, Connor, Kara survives

This is the Final battle for detroit, the battle for freedom of the androids, See how you can save Markus, Connor, Kara all of them, one of the best possible endings Markus fights with Humans for the freedom of the entire android race and manages to push back the humans from detroit. Kara and Alice make it to the canadian Border and start a new Life there, but the have to make some tough decisions...[Read More]

Last of US 2 Discussion

Last two weeks has been difficult and strange for the gaming world, while there has been some massive leaks about the story and gameplay of one of the most awaiting games of the recent times . while leakage of game informations is not new, but whats new is the way the gaming community has reacted to the leaks and more surprisingly the way Naughty DOG has reacted to the whole issue As the gaming wo...[Read More]


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An introduction to Blockchain and its relation to Bitcoin

What is blockchain ? Well in the simplest of terms “Blockchain” is a kind of database technology which works on a peer-to-peer network. let`s try to understand the basic fundamentals of this exiting new technology, some of the basic elements that we would be discussing in this article are   What is the Meaning of “Blockchain” ? How it works (in theory) ? Why it is considered safer than conven...[Read More]

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