Mario Party 10 Review

mario-party-10 Mario Party 10 is Nintendo’s latest iteration of the Mario Party franchise, and it’s scheduled to hit stores on March 20. So far, the game gives off the impression of being a party game that is more competitive and rewarding when played with family and friends. Mario Party 10 is designed to have three core modes, such as Amiibo Party, Bowser Party and Mario Party. It has the familiar gameplay changes first seen in Mario Party 9, where four players can travel together using a shared vehicle headed toward a specific endpoint on the game board. The goal is to collect as many Mini Stars as possible, which earn players points. To get a more solid understanding of what to expect from the game, here are a few reviews from well-known game reviewing sites. One way in which Mario Party 10 improves quite considerably on its predecessor is in its interface. Everything is much more streamlined: there’s a lot less fluff in terms of tutorials and mini-game explanations … It’s been designed with pace in mind: the streamlined menus and tutorials allow you to get to the fun quickly and easily. It’s a great starting place if you’ve never played a game in the series before — if you want a light-hearted game to enjoy with a group of friends, regardless of their skill level, you could do a lot worse than this.”

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