ChatGPT Powered Bing

Microsoft has integrated AI technology with its search engine Bing (ChatGPT Powered Bing) to bring a new way for users to browse the web and find results online.

With this upgraded search engine, users can chat with Bing, similar to ChatGPT, which includes asking questions and receiving answers in Natural language.

This paradigm shift in web search is about to make a massive impact as AI has the power to deliver results way faster and more fluidly than traditional methods.

One of the main advantages of the new Bing over ChatGPT is that it can also retrieve results about recent information, which ChatGPt can’t. This was proved in the Verge demo when it was able to answer the information related to its new launch, which was uploaded an hour ago only.

As per Microsoft, all the features of the new Bing are powered by an upgraded version of GPT 3.5, which is the updated model of the OpenAIlanguage that ChatGPT also uses.

In a demo, Microsoft has presented various configurations of its product – ‘The new Bing’ where one side of the presentation shows traditional search results, side-by-side with AI annotations, while the other mode gives the users the option to chat directly with the Bing Chatbot, which is similar to asking questions in chatbot (like ChatGPT).

In this demo, Microsoft presented various searches like querying Bing for recipes, travel tips, shopping for furniture from IKEA, and more. Not only this, in one demo, the Bing search was asked to create an itinerary for each day of a 5-day trip to Mexico City, to which the chatbot created a rough itinerary alongside links to the mentioned sources.

In addition to the upgraded Bing, Microsoft is launching two new AI-enhanced features for its edge browsers, which will be embedded within Edge’s sidebar. These features include Chat and Compose.

The Chat features help the users to summarize the document they are viewing and ask related questions, while the Compose feature lets users generate content by giving it a few starting prompts, much like ChatGPT.

The New Bing

The new Bing offers an improved version of web search and browsing that you can access from anywhere in the world:

This includes:

  • Better search results with familiar experience to traditional search but more relevant and faster results.
  • Complete full-fledged detailed answers to all your queries and questions.
  • An interactive chat experience to give refined results until you get the desired result.
  • A creative head to give you ideas and inspiration.
  • And last but not the least, an all-new updated AI interface with new AI capabilities and added functionalities.

Are AI chatbots a good replacement for search?

AI Chatbots

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the interest of users in AI text generation has massively exploded, and Microsoft has partnered with Open AI creator to leverage the power of this technology by integrating it across its suite of office software.

However, one of the biggest questions that arise here is – are these chatbots a good replacement for traditional search options.

Well. The prime challenge with these chatbots is their tendency to present false information as facts. From offering wrong medical advice to giving biased results at times, there are various concerts with Chatbots.

However, in the demo, Microsoft clearly said they are trying their best to address these challenges by developing different approaches to mitigate the risk.

Join the New Bing Chat Waitlist

So, if you are also eager to join this ChatGPT-powered Edge, you can sign up on bing.com/new to join the waitlist and get faster access to be among the first ones to try this new technology.

The waitlist is extremely high, so the sooner you sign up, the higher your chances of getting access faster.

Concerns raised by websites that people will stop visiting their websites since they are getting all the information on Bing AI Chat

Search is one of the most crucial, revolutionary, and tremendous innovations that has the potential to impact the entire web ecosystem. This revolutionary innovation is extremely beneficial for users to get information quickly without scrolling through multiple sites. However, this innovation is scary for website owners, SEOs, and almost everyone who publishes content on the web.

With the AI chat engine added to the Bing search, there is a high chance that it will result in a massive drop in traffic to the sites. The scariest part is this traffic is the primary source of revenue for all website owners and publishers.

As per Microsoft, AI chat will come into play when the query is complex enough to be not quickly answered via traditional search methods.

During this scenario, the user will be offered a live, interactive chat experience where Bing will answer the query in the form of a written paragraph using different web sources.

The good part is Bing’s AI chat cites the sources from where it collated the information. The users can hover over the subscript of the answer and visit the site if they want to get further details about the topic.

However, even if the engines cite sources at the bottom of the answer or in the subscript – the sites will undoubtedly receive less traffic. So that’s what site owners are scared about – the revenue implications of losing traffic to AI.

However, even if the engines cite sources at the bottom of an answer – the sites will undoubtedly receive less traffic. So this is what site owners are scared about – losing the traffic and its revenue implications.

The concern of the website owners and publishers is legitimate. However, the point is SEO is still not dead. The reason being:

  1. Chat-generated answers require highly efficient computing power. So they are generally expensive to create.
  2. Secondly, it is too soon to give too much power to the chatbots. They still require a lot of time to be trained and refined.

Also, similar to google, where even after getting the answer in the featured section, users still visit the site to get detailed information. The same case would be in AI-empowered Bing search, especially if the source sites are readily available.

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