No Man’s Sky

First of all lets just get this out of the way, No Man’s Sky is a technical marvel, not in every way buy definitely in some ways, the sheer size of the game and the area you get to explore is HUGE.
The game was highly anticipated and theres a lot of hype behind this game, we can’t say that the game has fully lived up with the expectations , at release the game was crippled with bugs and issues, but now “happy games” the developer of game has released multiple patch to resolve the bulk of the issues.
This is open world survival game with high emphasis on exploration of surroundings, planets and solar systems, the game gives you a change to explore different worlds which are far different that the world that we live in, you can literally visit millions of planets around the solar system and explore them, the objective is to travel to the centre of the galaxy, the atlas quest.
nomans sky 2
You are the commander of a solo mission spaceship and your objective is to reach the centre of the galaxy, on the way you need to visit different planets and solar systems to upgrade / repair your space craft or suit in order to reach the next destination, i must say, the first time you leave the planets atmosphere and the clouds behind, its truly a mesmerising moment. BUT, the gameplay soon becomes monotonous and repetitive, i mean how many times would you like to land on a planet collect things and then fly out and then again do the same thing again and again, by chance if you land on a planet which poses some sort of resistance to you, you can always turn back and go to a different planet, it totally defeats the purpose of having the element resistance on the game.
no mans sky 3
This is the weakest link of the game, the graphics are below par, the textures look good / OKOK from far off but when you go near the the textures are bland, repetitive and blurry, in a generation when we have games like UNCHARTED 4, TOMB RAIDER etc, i think this kind of graphics work should be unimaginable, but hey Graphics only docent define a game, its the GAMEPLAY, storyline and element of surprise and WOW that makes a game g8.
The game has surely many short comings and its not perfect, if you are person who like to explore new things and are intrigued or fascinated by the sheer possibilities the space has to offer and graphics is not big deal for you, than this is the game for you, we give this game 7.5/10 just for the sheer massiveness of the game.

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