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Top Tech News Feb 4, 2024

Here’s a roundup of the top 10 tech news for February 3, 2024,

1. Geely’s Satellite Launch for Autonomous Cars: Geely Holding Group has launched 11 low-earth orbit satellites, marking its second dispatch aimed at enhancing navigation for autonomous vehicles. This move signifies the automotive industry’s leap towards leveraging space technology to boost the capabilities of self-driving cars【6†source】.

2. CES 2024 Highlights AI Innovations: The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 has put a spotlight on artificial intelligence (AI), showcasing a variety of AI-driven products. From Samsung’s transparent MICROLED screen to LG’s AI Smart Home Agents and NVIDIA’s GeForce Super GPUs, the event is brimming with cutting-edge tech that’s set to redefine consumer experiences【7†source】.

3. Smart Money’s Crypto Picks for February 2024: Smart money investors are betting on Retik Finance (RETIK), Cardano (ADA), and Polygon (MATIC) this month. These cryptocurrencies are highlighted for their innovative solutions, robust blockchain technology, and scalability advantages, respectively, drawing attention from investors seeking growth potential and technological advancements in the crypto space【8†source】.

4. Meta’s Surge in Stock Market Value: Meta Platforms has witnessed a significant surge in its stock market value, indicating a strong performance that could reshape the tech landscape. This growth highlights the increasing importance of digital platforms and social media in the current market scenario【6†source】.

5. Driverless Cars Cover More Test Miles in California: The state of California has reported a substantial increase in test miles covered by driverless cars in 2023. This development underscores the rapid advancements in autonomous vehicle technology and the growing confidence in its deployment for public use【6†source】.

6. China’s Chip Maker YMTC Clarifies Non-Military Use: Responding to being added to a Pentagon list, China’s leading memory chip maker YMTC has stated its technology is not intended for military use. This clarification comes amidst growing scrutiny over the use of tech products in sensitive sectors【6†source】.

7. EquiLend’s Cybersecurity Incident: EquiLend has managed to restore some services following a cybersecurity incident, highlighting the ongoing challenges faced by financial and tech companies in safeguarding their systems against cyber threats【6†source】.

8. El Salvador’s Continued Bet on Bitcoin: Despite financial challenges, El Salvador is doubling down on its investment in Bitcoin. This move reflects the country’s commitment to integrating cryptocurrency into its financial strategy, aiming for long-term economic benefits【6†source】.

9. Alibaba Considers Selling Consumer Assets: Alibaba is reportedly contemplating the sale of key consumer assets, including Freshippo and RT-Mart. This potential divestiture indicates a strategic shift for the e-commerce giant as it navigates the changing retail landscape【6†source】.

10. Nvidia’s Market Value Surge: Nvidia has set a new monthly record for its market value surge in January, underscoring the company’s dominant position in the tech industry. This achievement highlights Nvidia’s innovation in graphics processing and artificial intelligence, contributing to its strong market performance【6†source】.

Each of these stories sheds light on the dynamic nature of the tech industry, showcasing innovations, strategic moves, and market trends that are shaping the future. For detailed insights and further information, follow the links provided to the original articles.

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