Tim The Traveler: An android puzzle game within a space odessey

Today we have a game called Tim The Traveler, well unlike the name suggests, the game is not about travelling, at core, the game is about solving puzzles, which involves a rock slid down to the nooks and corners of the puzzles to reach the rocket base.


Tim The Traveler is an engrossing story of an APE named Tim, Who goes to space on a adventurous journey but Looses his communication with the Rocket base, and as a player, you have to guide Tim to reach his home planet by solving puzles and firing up the rocket which will take TIM`s journey forward


As a player you will be controlling a rock on each level, you need to analyse the rolling path of the rock and clear the hurdles on its path, Collect stars and reach the destination, each puzzle will offer you multiple ways to reach your destination but only one of those ways will let you collect all the available stars, you have to analyse and direct the Rolling stone to the best available path and collect the maximum number of stars while reaching your destination
Just reaching the destination will not work, The Rock needs to hits the RED “Rocket Launch” button to launch TIM`s rocket into space (remember TIM is on a adventurous journey across Space),
There are seven planets to be explored and each planet has 40 levels to be completed and as the game progresses, each level becomes increasingly complex and challenging.


Tim The Traveler runs on a 2D environment, the graphics are minimislitic and fluid, but sometimes the colours are hard on your eyes, specially the levels with contrasting and dark colour combinations, but gameplay is not graphic intensive, as its mostly puzzles and level design.
Having said that, we would not mind a bit more engrossing graphics and fluid gameplay, but its not a deal breaker for us.

Issues and Bugs

Since “Tim The Traveler” is developed by an indie developer studio and its is a reacently released game, it suffers with some minor bugs and issue, like Music playback is not consistent, sometimes music plays and sometimes not, Game Load time is quite high on our test Phone (ASUS zenphone 5 – 2015), The phone screen gets into idle mode (Switches Off) while loading the game and touch inputs are sometimes not recognised,
To download the game Click Here
while non of these issues are deal breaker and quite frankly our 2+ year old test phone may have amplified some of the issues, nevertheless its clear that the game needs some fine tuning and quick fixes of these issues.


Tim The Traveler is a puzzle game within the setup of a space odessy, while the gameplay dosent depend much on the space factor, there are definitely some space elements within the game which will intrigue you as a player, the in game graphics and controls could have been better, but it hardly becomes an issue,since the game is not graphic intensive,
All said and done, the game is pretty challenging with some really neat puzzles in it and may be a good option to kill your Idle time,

Our Rating for this game is  7/10

To download the game Click Here

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