Heart Maze – A uniquely satisfying and challenging story driven puzzle game

Lets talk about a game called heart maze, the game is developed by an indie company called “Corn Entertainment”, there last game “Lit The Torch” was a hit mind bending puzzle game, so without further adieu lets dig deep into this game.

The Game Prologue

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The Game plot

Heart Maze revolves around a character named cindy, who is trying to find her long lost brother who is mute and dumb, cindy has to cross over mazes, collect keys and other usables to get to her brother and hope to redeem herself from a terrible mistake she made in the past and hope that her brother forgives her for what she did, to know what she did and for what she is seeking forgiveness for you need to play the game and find out.
Gameplay Level

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The gameplay is quite simple, the player controls the character named cindy and cindy can make three kind of moves “Forward – Backwards – and Jump”, Heart Maze is set on a cubes surface and cindy has to find her way through the cubes surface to the door key and then ultimately find her way to the door which will give her access to the next level and yes on the way the you can collect different collectables which will help you solve upcoming puzzles.
Gravity Maze

Heart Maze uses gravity effects, moving walls and “pully” effects to make the mazes more challenging and interesting, the player needs to think three to four levels ahead to solve a puzzle and get to the exit door while collecting the door key.

Cindy with Brother

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Heart Maze runs on a 2D environment and the graphics are colourful but minimilistic, well the game dosent require heavy graphics so graphics should not be an issue, Heart Maze features hand drawn and raw art style of Graphics, which gives the player an additional level of emerson while playing the game, however if you are someone who is very particular about graphics and want smooth and crisp in game graphics than this game is probably not for you.
Music and Voice Acting

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Music And Voice

The in game music and the  game environment compliments the storyline very well, nothing seems out of place and the voice acting is top notch, Heart Maze is enjoyed the most when played with sound on or with headphones, as the main character of the game “cindy” narrates her story throughout the game, the narration and the monologues helps us understand the plot deeper.

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Well the in game controls in Heart Maze are a weak point of the game, the game is played by interacting with three on-screen controls for “forward – backwards and jump”, the forward and backward keys are placed so close that sometimes the player is bound to press the wrong button, the control interactions seems a bit mechanical as the controls dosent give a life like feel to the gameplay (may be i am spoilt by playing PS4 games).
but i seriously think the controls should be a onscreen gesture based rather than dedicated keys on screen.
Cindys Brother


Heart Maze is a serious contender for one of the most immersive and emotional game, with high quality puzzles, good music and great voice acting the game will appeal to every casual and vivid gamer, the only points where the game needs to improve are Controls and little bit of graphics, having said that
Heart Maze is an interactive story unraveling in front of your eyes with soothing music to compliment the storyteller. Try this out with your headphones ON.

Our  rating for the game is 8.5 / 10

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