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Tech news of 11 May 2024

Here are some highlights from the latest tech news on May 10, 2024:

– **OpenAI’s ChatGPT Updates**: OpenAI announced updates to ChatGPT and GPT-4 during a livestreamed event. The CEO, Sam Altman, described the new features as “feels like magic to me” and clarified that it’s not GPT-5 or a search engine, but something users will love¹.

– **MIT Technology Review**: The MIT Technology Review released its annual list of ’10 Breakthrough Technologies’ for 2024, showcasing advances in various fields such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, computing, robotics, and climate tech².

– **FinTech Futures**: The top five news stories in finance and tech this week featured companies like Monzo and Mitigram, highlighting significant developments in the fintech sector³.

– **Apple Security Update**: Apple issued a warning about a ‘Mercenary Attack’ on iPhones, urging users to update their devices for protection⁴.

– **SciTechDaily Innovations**: SciTechDaily provided insights into the latest breakthroughs and trends shaping the world of technology⁵.

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