Mediatek Dimensity 9200 Review

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 – an 8-core chipset that was announced on November 8, 2022, and is manufactured using a 4-nanometer processor technology. It has 1 core Cortex-X3 at 3050 MHz, 3 cores Cortex-A715 at 2850 MHz, and 4 cores Cortex-A510 at 1800 MHz.

A new generation of flagship smartphones is fueled by the outstanding performance and excellent power efficiency of the MediaTek Dimensity 9200. In order to optimize flagship experiences with the best performance, the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 delivers the first 64-bit, distinctive Armv9 Performance Cores for smartphones.

Lets dive into the part of specification part of Mediatek Dimensity 9200 Review.

Specifications of Dimensity 9200

  • 3.05 GHz Arm Cortex-X3
  • 2.85GHz Arm Cortex-A715
  • Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU, the first
  • The APU 690 AI processor from MediaTek is 35% faster than earlier generations.
  • The fastest smartphone memory to date is the first LPDDR5X at 8533 Mbps.
  • UFS 4.0 initial + MCQ
  • Production of second-generation TSMC 4nm+ chips combined with MediaTek’s thermally optimized IC design and packaging

Design and Manufacture of MediaTek 9200

The dimensity chip is manufactured by Mediatek for the most precise cameras and brightest pictures, competitive all-day gaming, immersive entertainment, and the fastest, most widespread networking to seek out amazing new experiences anytime.

A high-end SoC with an integrated 5G and Wi-Fi 7 modem is the MediaTek Dimensity 9200. It has one quick Cortex-X3 core that can run at up to 3.05 GHz, three additional A715 cores that can run at up to 2.85 GHz, and four Cortex-A510 power-saving cores that can run at up to 1.8 GHz. The SoC is produced using TSMC’s second-generation 4nm technology. 8 MB of level 3 cache and 6 MB of system-level cache (SLC) are available for use by all CPU cores combined.

LPDDR5X with 8533 Mbps is now supported by the integrated memory controller. The APU 690 can accelerate AI workloads.

Benchmark Scores

Platform Score
  • Extreme Slingshot 3DMark (ES 3.1), Unlimited Physics.
6894 Points  (87%)
  • Unlimited Physics, 3DMark Sling Shot (ES 3.0)
6723 Points (96%)
  • Geekbench 5.1-5.4 64 Bit Single-Core
 1384 points (60%)
  • Geekbench 5.1-5.4 64 Bit Multi-Core
4232 points (15%)
  • Geekbench 5.0 64 Bit Single-Core
4233 points (13%)
  • Geekbench 4.1-4.4 64 Bit Single-Core
6247 points (65%)
  • Geekbench 4.1-4.4 64 Bit Multi-Core
13625 points (15%)
  • Total Score for Kraken 1.1
1848 ms (2%)
  • WebXPRT 4
66 Points (20%
  • CPU on AnTuTu v9
265828 Points (88%)
  • Android Work Score 3.0
9765 Points (49%)
  • Power Consumption 150cd , Geekbench 5.4
8.3 Watt (4%)

According to the standard benchmark scores,we can conclude that despite having a strong GPU that constantly performs well, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 outperforms the Dimensity 9200 on all fronts. Although that demonstrates the G715’s progress, it’s considerably closer than prior generations.

Features of Dimensity 9200

Features of dimensity 9200

  • Power-saver : Up to 25% power savings for 4K video with AI-NR are possible with the new eXtreme Power Saving Technology for AI-Super Resolution and AI-Noise Reduction operations.
  • Faster GPU : All visual applications, including cameras, GPUs, and video playback, benefit from AI-SR power savings.
  • Compared to the 5th generation APU, the AISR is up to 35% faster and 45% less power-consuming.
  • An improved shared memory engine for DLA (performance core), VPU (flexible core), and DMA processors
    A new DLA processor that has a mixed-precision mode will enable faster and more accurate facial feature, scene, and object detection, providing a performance improvement of up to 98% over FP16.
    Power awareness for AI tasks is improved by 2nd generation network architecture search (NAS 2.0), increasing power efficiency by up to 15%.
  • Network latency: With a 54% reduction in Wi-Fi game latency, MediaTek’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence technology offers exceptional performance. Take advantage of a 5G experience that seamlessly transitions between long-range sub-6 GHz and lightning-fast mmWave connections. Both can have simultaneous connections made using the MediaTek Dimensity 9200. First 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality Bluetooth audio with highest level of GNSS coverage.
  • Connection: The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its in-chip, sophisticated 5G modem to provide quicker network scanning, 5G connection recovery from dead spots, and other contextually intelligent upgrades.Wi-Fi 7 is 2.7 times faster than previous generations, with a transfer throughput of 6.5 Gbps. Connectivity over two bands at once.
  • The AI-Video Engine : combines APU and ISP technology and presents data straight from the camera sensor so that device manufacturers can add distinctive AI-video innovations that are noticeably faster and more power-efficient. By recognising areas, objects, and scenes inside each image and applying selective enhancements, MediaTek AI-PQ+ produces cinematic video.
  •  The Arm Immortalis GPU with hardware-based ray tracing is present for the first time in a smartphone SoC with the MediaTek Dimensity 9200.
    The chip significantly speeds up innovative new visual experiences in games when combined with HyperEngine 6.0’s GPU Fusion Rendering capabilities.


Comparisons with other high end chips

Dimensity 9200 vs other chipsets

Dimensity 9200 vs A15 Bionic

Based on benchmark findings, we can compare the Dimensity 9200 and Apple A15 chips and find that the Dimensity 9200 delivers 100% greater memory bandwidth (68.3 against 34.1 GB/s) and performs significantly better (up to 51%). Score on AnTuTu 9: 1221K vs. 808K; two extra cores; smaller transistor (4 vs. 5 nm).
The Apple A15 processor, in contrast, has a GPU frequency that is 22% higher and a CPU clock speed that is 6% quicker (3230 vs. 3050 MHz).

  • The dimensity chip performs 51% better on the AnTuTu 9 benchmark.
AnTuTu Dimensity 9200 A15
CPU 276210 210809
GPU 501124 324750
Memory 235287 134620
UX 200088 133782
Total score 1221325 808240


  • The single-core Geekbench 5 score for the A15 processor is 22% higher, while the multi-core score edges Mediatek by 4%.
  • The score for Dimensity 3DMark Wild Life Performance is 40% higher.
3DMark Dimensity 9200 A15
Stability 86% 79%
Graphics test 73 FPS 52 FPS
Score 12200 8722


Dimensity 9200 vs Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

We can contrast the Dimensity 9200 with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips based on benchmark results. Better displays from Qualcomm (up to 5%) Score on AnTuTu 9: 1287K vs. 1221K
The CPU clock frequency was increased by 5% to 3200 MHz.
However, Mediatek’s chip has a higher GPU frequency (around 44%).
16% greater performance in floating-point calculations
supports memory bandwidth that is 7% higher (68.3 GB/s versus 64 GB/s).

  • The snapdragon chip performs 5% better on the AnTuTu 9 benchmark.
AnTuTu 9 Snapdragon gen 2 Dimensity 9200
CPU 265523 276210
GPU 579772 501124
Memory 236450 235287
UX 199190 200088
Total score 1287582 1221325


  • The single-core Geekbench 5 score for the snapdragon processor is 5% higher, while the multi-core score is almost the same.
  • The score for Dimensity 3DMark Wild Life Performance is similar for both the chips.
3D Mark Snapdragon gen 2 Dimensity 9200
Stability 64% 86%
Graphics test 73 FPS 73 FPS
Score 12218 12200

Dimensity 9200 vs Helio G96

  • Dimensity 9200 has a 48.78% greater CPU clock speed than Helio G96 (3050 vs. 2050 MHz) when compared to older Mediatek chips like the well-known Helio G96.
  • Dimensity 9200 has a memory frequency that is 300.05% greater than Helio G96 (8533 vs. 2133 MHz).
  • In comparison to Helio G96, Dimensity 9200 features a transistor that is 66.67% smaller (4 vs. 12 nm).
  • Dimensity 9200 outperforms Helio G96 in AnTuTu 9 by 279.90% (1,290 K vs. 339 K).
  • Dimensity 9200 is superior to Helio G96 since it has the most recent instruction set.

Smartphones with dimensity 9200

The Dimensity 9200, a new smartphone processor from MediaTek, was just unveiled as the Dimensity 9000’s replacement. Several forthcoming smartphones are expected to run on MediaTek’s top CPU.

The following phones use the Dimensity 9200 chip:

  • OPPO Find X6 series
  • ASUS ROG Phone series
  • Xiaomi’s 13-series device
  • Redmi K60 device
  • X90 series of Vivo phones

The Asus ROG 6d Ultimate features some impressive performance from the 9000+ dimensity chips, The 6d Ultimate from Asus features dimensity chips to better perform in gaming and boost up the GPU, whereas IQOO phones still employ the 8000 series dimensity chips but have switched to snapdragon gen 2 CPUs to compete in the market with their IQOO 11 series. The IQOO 11 series features gen 2 Snapdragon which boosts performance and leaves behind the Mediatek by some parameters.


The Dimensity 9200 is the newest version of MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity chipset, and it has started showing up in smartphones in order to compete with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

It is a second-generation 4nm chip with next-generation capabilities like support for 240Hz screens and Wi-Fi 7, as well as the most recent Armv9 architecture, which includes ray-racing from the Immortalis-G715 GPU with mmWave 5G integration. With the recently released flagship smartphones, the chip is already on the market.

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