Understanding Intersteller Black Holes and What is Scary Barbie

The ultimate cosmic mystery that continues to baffle scientists and mesmerizes everyone equally !!

Have you ever wondered about a place so dark and mysterious that it engulfs everything in its path, leaving no trace of its existence – a place where all the laws of physics break down and time stands still? 

Welcome to the paradoxical and captivating world of black holes – lying at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. 

So, get ready to embark on a journey through the most mind-blogging phenomena of the cosmos – black holes!

Types of Black Holes

Black holes are perhaps the most fascinating entities in the universe, concealed in mystery and curiosity. However, an important fact is that not all black holes are similar.

There are three types of black holes, each with its own unique properties and incredible characteristics.

  • Stellar Black Holes: Stellar Black Holes are the ultimate cosmic nightmares – the remnants of massive stars that have collapsed under their gravity. These black holes are incredibly dense objects and have a size several times the mass of our Sun. 
  • Intermediate Black Holes: Intermediate Black Holes are other elusive objects that are difficult to detect and even harder to explain, and these black holes are even heavier than stellar black holes. Some researchers believe these black holes are formed over time from the combination of smaller black holes, while others speculate that these may be the remnants of ancient stars that lived and died long before our own Sun.
  • Supermassive Black Holes: As the name suggests, supermassive black holes are the true giants of the universe – the heaviest type of black hole with masses larger than billions of times that of our Sun. These black holes reside at the centers of most galaxies, including our own Milky Way, and play a massive impact on the nearby stars, gas, and dust.

How do we find the Black Holes?

Detecting black holes is exceedingly challenging due to their absence of light or radiation emission. Nonetheless, astronomers utilize different techniques to indirectly find the existence of black holes.

  • Gravitational Lensing: Black holes have a strong gravitational pull that creates curvature and bends and distorts the path of light traveling through space. This effect is known as gravitational lensing and is used to detect the presence of a black hole by observing how it creates a curvature by bending the path of light from other objects behind it.
  • X-ray Emissions: When a particle is thrown into a black hole, it heats up and emits high-energy X-rays. Astronomers use X-ray telescopes to detect these emissions and locate the position of a black hole.
  • Stellar Movements: The presence of a black hole impacts the movement of stars across the sky to its gravitation. Astronomers track these movements to find the path and location of a black hole.
  • Radio Emissions: Black holes are surrounded by a disc of gas and dust particles that emit radio waves. Detecting these emissions by radio telescopes helps to locate the black hole.

Finding black holes is not an easy task. It requires a lot of practice and techniques to understand these enigmatic objects.

What is the latest Black Hole Scary Barbie?

Astronomers have recently discovered an impressive supermassive black hole, and they have affectionately nicknamed it “Scary Barbie.”

The name ‘Scary Barbie’ was given to it because of its unexplainable power. 

Scientists even consider Scary Barbie one of the most luminous, energetic, long-lasting transient objects found in an obscure region of the sky.

The unique object, an astonishingly powerful cosmic explosion that has remained undetected for two-plus years, was discovered via an AI engine REFITT – the Recommender Engine For Intelligent Transient Tracking.

How is Scary Barbie different from other Black Holes?

After continuous research and studies, astronomers have identified “Scary Barbie” as one of the most extraordinary cosmic explosions ever encountered.

The object has been accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letter and was assigned a unique designation, ‘ZTF20abrbeie’ – a reference to its extraordinary power.

The luminosity of “Scary Barbie” is found to be even a thousand times greater than the luminosity of any known supernova, which is typically the most energetic phenomenon ever observed.

How is “Scary Barbie” destroying other stars?

The universe has mysteries far beyond the human mind.

Before this event, scientists believed that supernova events were the brightest. However, the discovery of “Scary Barbie” destroying a star greatly shocked them.

Scary Barbie was triggered when a supermassive black hole trapped a giant star passing nearby. The star was pulled into a spaghetti-like shape and produced an enormous amount of energy after being sucked into the black hole, leading to the creation of this explosive event.

This event has been going on for two-plus years, but the discovery was possible only with AI as the object was present at the infinite end of the sky. 


Overall, Scary Baribie is typically a great example to prove that there are still ample uncovered mysteries in the universe. It is a long way towards the exploration of the Cosmos.

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