Race the Sun

Race the Sun is an endless running video game, the player controls a solar-powered spacecraft as it races through a minimalist landscape with abstract shapes and various obstacles. Levels are pseudo-procedurally-generated and separated into distinct regions, each region having different sets of challenges. The ship’s speed remains constant as long as the ship remains in direct sunlight, but if the ship falls into shadow or clips objects, the ship’s speed will drop. Direct collision with an object will cause the ship to be destroyed and end the run. Further, if the player’s ship remains in shadow too long — such as when the sun finally sets — the ship will stall and the run will be over. The player continually earns points as long as the ship is moving. Throughout each region are various collectable objects. The most common are blue pyramids that, if five are collected without any collisions, will boost the player’s scoring multiplier by one. Others give the player’s ship a short speed boost, a single-time jump to clear obstacles, and a single-time use shield to prevent the ship’s destruction on a direct collision. Watch the video review below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6onWRiOqFU

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