Little Nightmare 2 – A Comprehensive Review

Well Little Nightmares 2 is the sequel to 2017’s highly acclaimed game with the same name, the game was initially praised for its atmosphere, graphics, and sound, etc., let see if Little Nightmares 2 can live up to the expectation or not

First, let us start with the Storyline

Little Nightmares 2 starts with the main protagonist waking up in a jungle, this time the player will be playing as MONO and he will be accompanied by a friend named SIX, she was the main Protagonist in Little Nightmares 1, the world as Mono knows it has been distorted by a signal that is emitted from a distant tower, the Little Nightmares 2 is all about MONO’s journey through the unique world to try and find the reasons for this horrific distortions and save his companion friend SIX from her fate.


The gameplay is linear and as a player, you don’t have the option to  Explore the different environments and paths, but Being a horror game, the game must force the players to engage instead of wandering around.

Watch the gameplay here

The IN game AI companion “SIX”  is a welcome addition as she compliments and helps the protagonists “MONO’s” journey throughout this Little Nightmares 2.

In Little Nightmares 2 one major ability is to combat, that is pick up certain objects and hit the opponents or Objects that surround the environment.

IN game Puzzle

Little Nightmares 2 is defined by its unique style of puzzles and the game is full of multiple puzzles and the difficulty in solving these puzzles is amplified by the fact that the game doesn’t provide any tips or tricks to solve the puzzle nor the game provides any HUD bar indicating the puzzle details.

For some this may be a bit frustrating but, largely the puzzles are enjoyable and they help push the story narrative forward.


Little Nightmares 2 follows the path of the previous game, the soundtrack complements the gameplay and the environments.

The music is soft, harmonious, and most importantly relevant to the scene, some of the chase sequences are aptly amplified by the Top notch and tense soundtrack in Little Nightmares 2.


Little Nightmares 2 is not a graphics-intensive game, but that’s not a bad thing, because the game design and environment don’t require intensive graphics, while playing it doesn’t feel like that the game designers and artists have cut any Corners anywhere in the game.

The game is available on PC ad consoles and the difference in graphics fidelity between the ultra setting on a PC and graphics on the last Gen console (PS4 and XBOX) is minimal.


While the game is playable with gamepads and Mouse keyboards, the game developer suggests that the game is played with a “gamepad”.

There are certain maneuvers in the game where the player needs to press three buttons at a time and the keyboard layout is not ideal to carry out such maneuvers.

Our Final thoughts

Little Nightmares 2 is a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed Little Nightmares 1, Little Nightmares 2 can provide you an ample number of scares in the games.

Players who are new to this series will be pleasantly surprised by sudden scares and chases within the game.

However, players who have already played Little Nightmares 1, may find some of the aspects repetitive, nevertheless, the journey will be new for them

Our rating for the game will be 8.5/10

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