Monster Hunter World Review

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Monster Hunter World Review
Monster Hunter World Review
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Monster hunter is one of the longest running game franchise with its first iteration appearing in March 2004, Since then the Monster Hunter franchise has evolved multiple folds and recently the publisher and developer of the game “Capcom” has released a fresh iteration of the game called Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

As always, We will be talking about 3 main aspects of the game



Let’s dig deep into the game


Monster Hunter World provides a deeper storyline than its previous iterations, Instead of just writing the storyline on the wall, this time monster hunter actually lets you see and feel the storyline progressing, and we believe this is a major development in the storytelling department, however the player will again take the role of a hunter who joins the research commission based at the city of ASTERA, the city of ASTERA acts as a base in the game, where the player will come back for upgrades, supplies and bounty payments.

The Research Commission of Monster Hunter world

The Research Commission of Monster Hunter world

The research commissions tasks the Hunter / Player to kill or capture large monsters roaming in the “New World” outside the city of ASTERA. And quite logically Killing or capturing of monsters in Monster Hunter World rewards the player in the form of LOOT, which acts as in-game currency and allows the player to buy new weapons and upgrade there skills, sometimes the player has to repeatedly “find and fight” monsters that they can defeat easily, only to acquire the loot in order to upgrade there ammo and capabilities to take on larger and more dangerous monsters.


Characters of Monster hunter World

Characters of Monster hunter World

As a player you can choose one of the many Characters in Monster Hunter world, however these characters dosen`t have any special attributes, the capabilities of the character are defined by the weapon you choose and the skills you learn, the combat system will be different for each of these combinations of weapons and skills.

On a broad level there are 3 types of missions that the player will encounter in the game, they are

  •            Story Driven:  These are the main story based mission which will move the Monster Hunter world story forward, completing these missions will open up new areas within the map, which will in turn allow you to search for new monsters to kill or capture.
  •            Optional events: The “New World” map is filled with optional tasks which you can take up to earn more loot and upgrade yourself, these optional tasks are usually found in the city of ASTERA or you may stumble upon them while within a expedition.
  •            Investigations: Investigations play a very vital role in Monster Hunter world gameplay, they offer insights about the monsters, you can find out there weak point and vulnerabilities by conducting these investigations, the idea is to start an investigation when you are not able to defeat a monster with seer force.
Combat Tactics at Monster Hunter world

Combat Tactics at Monster Hunter world

Combat System: The combat system in Monster Hunter world is fluid and intuitive, as a player you will have access to weapons like sword, bow or hammer and a specific type of armour, choosing the right combination of weapon and the armour in Monster Hunter is very very critical as it may backfire if chosen with a wrong combination.

One major development in the gameplay department in Monster Hunter world is that the player can also use environmental elements against the monsters such as bursting a dam or lure a monster to another monsters den and let them kill one another.

Monster Hunter world Health Bar

  •              Health: As always, your health and stamina plays a very vital role in in Monster Hunter world, as a player you must always keep a watch on the health bar, If a players health drops down to zero, the player is taken back to the base camp and then he has to re-start the mission with reduced rewards, and if a player faints three times than the mission is considered failed in Monster hunter world.


Amazing Graphics of the Monster hunter

Amazing Graphics of the Monster hunter

Well in terms of graphics Monster hunter World is leaps and bound better than its predecessors, but when you look at Monster hunter world from the prospective of todays beautiful games like Uncharted and Horizon, the game pales in the graphics department in front of those gorgeous games, however by any means we don’t mean that the graphics is bad, its just not upto the very very high standard todays mainstream games have set.

The environment or should we say the “New World” created by CAPCOM for Monster Hunter World is expansive, they have worked very hard to give life to the tiniest of the particles in the environment and as a result the environment reacts according to the scene at play.

The game also runs on dynamic daytime and weather rotation cycles, so effectively you can explore the environment in multiple combinations and enjoy its beauty at day or at night.

The monsters are greatly detailed and the environment lighting adds to the beauty of the scene, the dust and sparkles while playing epic fights with huge monsters adds to the “AWE” inspiring experience of the game and this is the USP of game as well.
Kudos to the CAPCOM team for maintaining the same experience throughout the game.



Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World

Unlike the previous iterations of Monster Hunter, this lates iteration of the game excels in storytelling, believe it or not, there`s a slightly compelling story behind the awe inspiring action on screen and gameplay which has historically been one the strongest point of the game for its Japanese audience has evolved and now its compelling for the global audience as well and at last graphics is an interesting aspect of the game, while the environment, pixel design and frame rate are really good in the game, we must say that we were always left craving for some more in the graphics department in the game

Our rating for Monster Hunter World is 9.5/10

Watch the Video review of game by “GameSpot” below

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