FIFA 23 Review


FIFA titles are known for their vague improvements over another. For the last time with ‘FIFA’ in their name, the game tweaks just enough to make it feel better than the previous game. EA Sports released the title on 30 September 2022 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.


FIFA 23 Gameplay

The game features the all-new Hyper Motion 2, a system of match capture with machine learning from real-life football matches to create over 6,000 in-game animations. A new system called Active Touch system is added. The system improves the footballer’s path to the ball and a player’s turning and dribbling with more responsiveness. Technical dribbling  Both systems are exclusive to current-gen versions. Animations are improved whether it is for a cross or a vertical ball from one side of the pitch to the other or defenders reacting to a fake shot and great dribbling. The game does well with improvements in the gameplay which feels better. The gameplay is a little bit heavy which is fine and feels more lifelike. The unnecessary burst sprints and seamless dribbling has been reduced. Although a lower-paced striker outplaying a higher-paced defender is still a concern.

Graphics quality of FIFA 23

The Graphics for the final FIFA title in the series is boastful. The animations from the pre-match build-up to the last-minute winner, everything hypes the game and brings a lot of energy to the field. The cutscenes of a derby match are shown before the kickoff along with the stadium ambiance in and outside. The spectators finally look real and responsive, at least to some extent. The player faces have improved a lot. The impact of the ball onto the defender’s ankle or the goalkeeper’s gloves feels real although the unrealistic sliding tackles make sure that it is a soccer simulation game and not a real one. Sprinting looks real except for some cases and the goalkeeper’s reaction has been improved as well. The never-ending bugs in between matches have still not left FIFA, with clueless goalkeepers and unrealistic rebounds.

The grass is a lot better this time which reminds me of its competitor, PES, with a similar pitch pattern. The impact on the grass stays in the match including the celebration knee slides.

The game looks incredible with the new shadow of the ball trail added.

Mechanics of FIFA 23

The gameplay mechanics have been improved from last year. The set pieces have been changed and the pointer has been removed. Now the set pieces have a ball trail along with power and swing HUD. Penalties are now about timing and direction and no specific target pointer. New skills have been added with some extra attributes along with new celebrations. Tracking down players and passes is a lot smoother and left-footed skills debuts with much more control over the ball. The basic controls remain the same along with some extra touch like disguised first touch and smoother directional runs. The new Hypermotion 2 added a responsive ball turning and change in direction similar to real life football. The replay system now shows stats like power and speed of the ball along with chances that the ball goes into the net all powered by Hypermotion. Sometimes the crosses misdirect to a different player and the net sounds alarming after making a weak shot. The goalkeeper’s movements have been improved with tweaks such as holding onto a ball and timely reflex. Along with some new skills, new passes like outside foot passes (by holding onto LT button while shooting) have been added.


FUT Heroes in FIFA 23

The FUT is still a concern with microtransactions still playing a huge part. The chemistry is now easier to understand, and the 33 maximum chemistry of the team has been a talking point. FUT is a game mode that allows players to build a fantasy team by collecting player cards. Although big named cards are to be brought with real money. The FUT has some legendary players to play with and is kind of fun.  In FIFA Ultimate Team, you have to either spend money or be happy with a slightly worse team than anyone else you might encounter. Pack transparency is still ambiguous. Those spending real money will end up with the best teams.

Game Modes in FIFA 23

New Volta games, including six new arcade games, have been added to the title, making it an even more attractive option for those looking for a more arcade-based style of soccer. The new World Cup addition to the game might bring all the international soccer fans to play the game. The improved player career mode added a personality engine, allowing players to align themselves with one of three different archetypes. These archetypes can be upgraded by doing training drills, playing games, and other activities. Trying out drills is now fun and worth playing for upgrading your player. You can now play Ted Lasso, as the manager.

Teams in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Teams

FIFA still holds a large number of licenses for the teams and leagues as well. The major leagues missing this year are the Mexican league and the Brazilian league. The Italian second division is a new addition.  Women’s soccer is now with some extra roster and all-new Women’s Club football. And yes Juventus is back ! The fictional TV-series team AFC Richmond is now playable. The international teams like Croatia, Qatar, Ghana and Morocco also added to their roster. Ecuador, Senegal, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Japan, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland, South Korea and Uruguay are all missing from FIFA 23, whilst the Brazilian national team will have generic players.


The new and last FIFA of the series is leaving the game on a good note along with its pros and cons. The game looks fresh with some improvements over its predecessor. The new dramatic zoom-in and camera angles with the pre-set piece animations are something you were missing. Passing is controlled and tackles are effective. The ball finally feels heavy when carried by a player. The all-new hyper motion 2 does its job along with player data displayed on the screen while a set piece is taking place. The career mode is similar with slight improvement. FUT chemistry is revamped allowing more diverse players in a single team. The game is worth trying for football fans and others, this one is a fun and more realistic FIFA, the last one of its series.










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