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Well, this is probably the last big bang game release for the PlayStation 4, yes we are talking about Ghosts of Tsushima, the game is 1st game from the developer Sucker Punch in almost 6 years, Watch Video review here

Ghost Of tushima

Ghosts of Tsushima fill a much need void in the gaming industry for an ancient style sword fight Open world RPG game, Ya-Ya we know that description seems to be very reminiscent of Assasins creed.

Jokes aside, Ghosts of Tsushima,  gives very little to complain about, the graphics look gorgeous, the combat system is top-notch, The gameplay is fluid and an astounding soundtrack, well it seems i just spelled out the whole review for you, you can get back to whatever work you were doing, But hey maybe something new is in this review,

In fact, sucker punch co-founder stated that Ghosts of Tsushima’s combat abilities of the main Protagonist “Jin Sakai was soo good that it created a sort of imbalance into the system as the AI opponents were not able to stand up mighty Jin, so they had to make changes to the Combat AI to make it more relevant. Watch Video review here

Let’s start off with the Obvious Graphics

The game looks Gorgeous on any of the PlayStations that you play, however, if you are playing on a PlayStation4 Pro then you get an additional option to play in High-performance mode or High Frame rate Mode, in High-performance Mode the graphics effects are up-tuned and the frame rate is capped around 30 frames per second the scenery provides more graphical details, However in High frame rate mode the PlayStation 4 pro produces around 60 fps and the game tones down the graphics a bit but Ghosts of Tsushima becomes even more fluid to play.

Open Wild Grasslands

Sadly on the standard PlayStation 4, (well not a sad statement because the Ghosts of Tsushima looks stunning in the base Playstation 4), Ghosts of Tsushima will be running at an average frame rate of 30 frames per second at 1080p with some minor dips here and there.

Next Pillar gameplay

We don’t have much to complain about in this department as well, the combat mechanics are great and the game has a good dose of stealth and action-packed sequences, if we want to nitpick, then we can say that sometimes some of the enemies  animations  shutters, but But the animation on the enemies are very beautiful. Watch Video review here

Sword Fights

One thing we would like to point out that during the whole game you will be fighting with the sword and bow itself, there is no variance of weapons to choose from.

but, the capability of your Bows and the sword are upgradable based on how much damage they can take and how accurately your Bow can aim,  However, Both these capabilities are also enhanced by you gaining more experience points as a fighter, so your ability to fight and inflict damage increases as you progress in the game.


The story is set in semi ancient japan and it is based on a semi-fictional setup, we say semi-fictional because Ghosts of Tsushima is based on the real invasion of japan by the Mongols, however, the characters and the story are fictional

Engaging Story

You start as Jim Sakai, who is an Elite warrior and takes it upon himself to liberate his home country japan from the Mongols and to do that he needs to unite the different sects in the country, the game is all about bringing like-minded people together and defeating the evils, (dunno why I can smell death stranding in here), but let us clarify, there is absolutely no resemblance of Ghosts of Tsushima with Death Stranding, it is just us trying to draw parallels.

Our final Thoughts

Overall, Ghosts of Tsushima is a near-perfect game in almost all the aspects, however, if you are somebody who is looking for something Mind-bending or you are looking out for an Out of the Box kind of experience play like Death Stranding or even Detroit: Become Human, where we believe both the games tried to push the gaming boundaries into some directions, (don’t Know How far they Succeeded) then it may not be for You.

But for an avid gamer or an average gamer, Ghosts of Tsushima has everything from a good storyline, to good graphics to great gameplay and amazing voice/music.

We cannot help but give this game a whopping 10/10, but we are deducting 0.2 points hoping that some of you may point out any flaws in the game, so our Final rating for the game is

9.8/10 That’s it Guys, That’s all we had for today, catch you all later.

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