Flap n Switch

Flap n Switch is a arcade game available on the android platform, the game is quite simple and addictive, it actually borrows much of the gameplay traits from the hugely popular game called “Colour Switch”.


As a player, you control a unidirectional flying bird which changes colours, you control the birds altitude by tapping on the screen. The game will impart “geometry + colour” based obstacles on the birds path and you have to guide your bird through the obstacles, remember, the bird can pass through the obstacles only if the colour of the obstacles is same as the bird.
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screenshot_2016-10-29-12-40-48However, we believe a little more control over the birds altitude, speed or direction would have been very positive attribute. With this current gameplay style it seems that the difficulty level of the game is set on the higher side which makes the game un-appeling for non gamers or casual gamers,
But mind you, seasoned gamers will definitely like to take on this game as a challenge and since the game sync`s up the scores with “google play games”, we may see a fight among gamers to gain the top slot on the leaderboard.
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This is a 2D game developed by an indi developer, therefore graphics doesn’t look quite polished as compared to some other games in this category,
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but hey  the game is not about graphics its about the gameplay and we think the game delivers in this regard.
Our Observation
While we played the game and thoroughly enjoyed it, our enjoyment was somewhat dampened by the constant bombardment of full screen adds, the adds ranged from full screen banners to YouTube video ads,
screenshot_2016-10-29-12-41-38While we understand adds are an important part of the apps/ games ecosystem, we believe the adds were a little too frequent.
A  little more control over the games difficulty levels and a little bit less advertisements  will make this game a perfect candidate for some cool time pass.

Our verdict 7/10

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