The iPhone 7 review

Today, we are going to talk about the much anticipated iPhone 7, most of you must have already seen and read tech reviews of the new iPhone 7, so in this article let just give you my first impressions of the device.

iphone-7 Design

The iPhone 7 looks very very similar to the iPhone 6, but there are some very subtle changes, the iPhone 7 range starts from 32 GB instead of 16 GB, we think that its a welcome change
The Camera & the  Bump
The iPhone 7 plus gets a bigger and wider camera bump than the iPhone 6 or 6 plus, both the phones “iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus” gets new image processors, new image sensors and both iPhones 7`s will have optical image stabilisation
 The iPhone 7 PLUS gets a new secondary camera with twice the focal length (56mm) of the primary camera, the camera software binds images from both the camera and helps you click photos with higher Pixels, more details, get more high quality zoom on your photos and videos, this is undoubtedly the biggest feature in the iPhone 7 & you will get it only on the “The iPhone 7 PLUS”
Headphone Jack
The iPhone 7 comes sans the popular “Headphone Jack”, the headphones need to be connected through the lightning connector or an lightning to audio jack adapter or wirelessly, apple will be providing the lightning headphone and a lightning to aux converter as well on the box, it seems like a good move and we believe, in this increasingly digital world, the analog headphone audio jack is out of place and its time that we upgrade this port, however is lightning the right way to go, i am not sure on that.
Dust and water resistance
The iPhone 7 comes with ip7 ratings and its waterproof upto 1 meters, frankly it was about time that apple made an rugged iPhone (considering the price), however we cannot say that the iPhone 7 is rugged but being dust and water proof is the right way ahead, but still a long way to go, the glossy jet black colour is a fingerprint magnet u see.
The Home button
Well, apple has completely changed Home button for the iPhone 7, the button is no more a physically clickable button, its more like the trackpad in the new MacBook, its a pressure sensitive glossy button and its works by calculating the amount of pressure you put on the button, it will take some time to get use to this, we believe the physical button should have been there for situations like phone hanging or software issues.
Display is mostly the same as the last iPhone 7, its still not amoled display, but its a bit it has higher brightness and better contrast than the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. this is a let down from apple and we believe the screen should have been upgraded big time.
The iPhone 7 will have stereo speakers, practically on the bottom the speakers are in the same position as before and on the top, the device uses the earpiece / ear speakers to create sound, the director of sound of both the speakers is different, so you can expect below optimal (however better than iPhone 6s or 6s plus) performance from spekers.
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus comes with a new processor, the apple A10 fusion chip, the process is a quad core processor, however, the interesting thing is two of those quad cores are low powered and two are high powered, so, when the iPhone 7 is not working on resource / processor hungry applications like browsing, texting, talking etc, the iPhone will use the low poured chips, however when you use some resource hungry apps / games the phone will use the faster cores as well in processing, ideally since most of the time we are not using resource hungry apps, the iPhone 7 should provide better battery life than the iPhone 6.
Apple AirPods
This is a new piece of hardware announce with the iPhone 7, this is basically wireless EarPods, with some extra functionality added, like  double tap for siri and proximity sensors to automatically connect, the AirPods will provide you 5 hrs of music playback, i am personally not very exited for this product because we don’t see the practicality of this product, its easy to misplace, only 5hrs battery and  a heafty  price of $150.
Overall, the new Iphone 7 really brings some major upgrades in some departments such a camera & water resistance etc, but its not compelling enough to upgrade from an iphaone 6 or plus or iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus, but if you are coming from an i phone 5 to iPhone 5s or an mid range & mid powered android device of last year, you may seriously think about this upgrade.

Our verdict for the iPhone 7 is 8/10

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