Bluk An beautiful and soulful arcade game for iOS Mobile (Review)

Bluk is a acrade puzzle game which tests the players ability to aim using the sling shot method.
Essentially the player has to aim a piece of rock from the top of one pillar to another, the pillars are positioned in different distances and different heights, the player can earn points by jumping pillars one by one
And The system allows you to earn some extra points is by
 Jumping multiple pillars at a time
By landing on the middle of a pillar.
While our gameplay test suggest that there are three easy ways to slingshot the rock and earn points
  1. One by one
You jump one pillar at a time with minimal thrust, and a 45•angle, this will give you optimal points but this process goes for a toss when the distance between the pillars and height of the pillars varies.
2.  Thrusting the rock upwards
The player can slingshot the rock unusually high upwards, this process will show the pillars ahead and give the player some extra room to calculate the jump.
3.   Max thrust
You can slingshot the rock with max thrust at around 45 to 50• angle, this process will cover multiple pillars and if you are luckey the rock will end in one of the pillar heads
Now let’s talk about the Ideal and fun way to play the game, we should use a combination of thrusting the rock vertically upwards and max thrust methods
To watch this method in a video click here
First we can thrust the rock vertically upwards and view the next 2 to three pillars and then use the max thrust method to cross multiple pillars at a time & to gain maximum points, we can aim to land on the middle of the pillar.
Bluk is a fun game to kill your time, along with some very very soothing music, this game is a must have for lonely travellers or adventure seekers.

Our Ration for this game is 8/10

Watch the video review by gamereviews below

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