Valve’s Steam Deck: Future of Gaming PC’s?

Valve’s Steam Deck: Future of Gaming PC’s?

Steam deck from valve is going to be the game changer of gaming console’s, gaming pc’s and all gaming platforms. Valve’s new steam deck is neither a gaming console nor a pc. It is a totally different concept which will be the future of gaming. It has all game controlling methods itself, whether it is thumb pads, joysticks, D-pad or ABXY. The size of this device with that cutting-edge colorful display is just larger than the Nintendo switch.

Even though it has everything itself, it is promised to be handled easier than a smartphone. The first impression would be a great one as the device is set to be having the easiest user interface ever on a handheld gaming device. Valve has stated this new unique device as the “All in one portable handheld pc gaming device”.

Who should buy Valve’s Steam Deck?

Well, you now have a slight idea about the steam deck. The device is just made for gamers. But not like the Nintendo switch, the device can connect to a device using USB type c to experience a big view of gaming. Even though it is made for gaming, the connection to a bigger view allows it to use as a pc where you can do your productivity stuff, surfing web and more on as a pc. The inbuilt system of steam deck uses a very high-power efficiency system while providing a smooth gaming and graphics experience.

This device is for gamers. Even though you are a mobile gamer, pc gamer or a console gamer, this device is just for you. The handheld most powerful pc will allow you to have all your steam library and to experience almost all the games using any controlling option. This allows you to use the device on the go, in the bed or your favorite place of gaming which is bathroom. Steam deck is specific for gamers, but the ability to do stuff as a pc in a larger view with this small powerhouse, will lead to a massive record in the history of computing and gaming devices. This means, there is no specific customer for this invention, this is just for everyone.

Steam deck is a solution? Then what it has solved?

Valve’s Steam deck is not just all in one handheld pc, but it is a solution too. It allows to play the games on the go from anywhere with any controlling option. The compact design is little bit bigger than its competitors, But the functions it offers makes it the one and only gadget for gamers.

As it has many inbuilt input methods, there is no more cost for various controllers. It also allows to use the display as it is a touchscreen. Bluetooth enables the ability to use it with any controller which you already have. It also allows to use mouse and keyboard.

This little monster kills the competition by being the top on the list, this is the all in one solution that every gamer ever wanted. The expectation is raising up each day as the prototype videos and experiences shared by technologists are marking this gadget as the best.

Hardware Specifications of Steam Deck


Steam deck has the most powerful chip integrated with a powerful GPU ever in a handheld gaming pc. The device has a custom build AMD APU (APU means a chipset with a GPU and CPU together). The AMD Zen 2 architecture for CPU + RDNA 2 architecture for GPU is combined as the foundation of steam deck’s custom chipset. The CPU runs with 4 cores with 8 threads. The CPU clock speed of the steam deck is 2.4 to 3.5 GHZ. The device is equipped with 16GB of LPDDR 5 RAM. The RAM transfer speed is 5500 mega transfer’s per second with a quad channeling system. Fundamentally, this is a personal computer which differs from all sort of handheld gaming devices.

The device has 3 models which differs the storage space and type. The starting model which costs $399 (INR 30,000) with a 64GB eMMC storage. The next model has a 256GB NVMe SSD which costs $529 (INR 40,000). The final model consists of 512GB of NVMe SSD which costs $649 (INR 49,000). There is a SD card slot for increasing the storage for terabytes. Gamereviews.co.in does not prefer SD cards as they are not even comparable with SSD storages and the performance needed for games. Unfortunately, the SSD’s are not expandable.  .

The device packed with 40-watt hour battery. Valve has stated that this battery enough for 7-8 hours of lighter use. The USB C port can identify the device connected to it and work according to it. This is the port for charging the device. it is also capable to connect with mouse and keyboard or any external stuff. As it has many types of controllers, the joystick in the device is touch sensitive.

The ability of gyro control in the steam deck which allows to aim using physical moves let you headshot the target in an all-new way.

The device has a 7-inch touchscreen display. The 512GB version has a anti-glare etched glass whilst other models have regular glass. Display resolution is 1280×800 with 60Hz refresh rate. It’s not a quiet interesting part in the device. But the experience with the display is way better while interacting with the device.

This device has a inbuilt high sound system. The WI-FI and the Bluetooth allows it to connect with many external devices. Bluetooth allows to connect with many devices at once such as headset, mouse and keyboard.

Software performance of Steam deck

The steam deck has an inbuilt Steam OS. This is a customized version of Linux. This OS has many functions that help for a great experience with the steam deck. This OS has a new impressive home screen. The all new home allows to navigate with the device in a easy and responsive way.

The device does not require many settings. Just turning it on and signing with the steam account allows you to access the device. The device uses proton compatibility layer to access the games and to give a smooth experience for gamers.

Installing games is never been easier like this, Steam deck allows to install the game you want with one click. Just click install and start playing your favorite game.

You can remotely access all your pc steam games using steam deck. steam chat, notifications bar, steam store and the community is accessible from the device and it also has the ability to resume where you left off from any of your device to resume it from the steam deck. Thanks to the all-new Steam OS.

Final words on Valve’s steam deck

Even though the steam deck is a real game changer, it has some cons too. The battery must need to have a higher capacity to ensure that the device can be work for 7-8 hours in heavy gaming. The size of the device is little bit not suitable for a compact device but the specifications and function it offers clears the path of being larger in size.

Steam deck is a good choice for all hands as the controllers are accessible for everyone. It does not require a long finger to use all the controllers. Steam deck is also a good option for reducing many costs on the external accessories and cooling pads.

The expected device shipping starts in 2021 December to some regions. This include US, Canada, European Union and UK. The device is expected to arrive in India in the late first quarter of 2022. The prices indicated above may vary as per the conversation rate and other factors.



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