The New PS4 – 4K

Sony is all set to launch a new and updated PS4 with updated graphics, as per reports the new console will be able to handle high end graphics and virtual reality, this upgrade will bring the PS4 graphics to on part with modern day high end PC. The console will be launched in October along with the launch of playstation VR & the new playstation will most likely be called PS4-4K, where 4k means 3840 x 2160 pixels. ps4-4k-controller_0 Both the consoles (PS4 & PS4-4K) will be available off the self and the new PS4-4K system will continue to play the old ps4 games. Gamers dont have to worry about there PS4`s getting outdated any time soon, but some users may voluntarily upgrade to the new console to experience new graphics & processing power.

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