Ps5 or Xbox Series X what’s Next gen about them and what should we expect from these two devices.


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Well the console scene has heated up with Both Sony and Microsoft Unveiling technical details about their Upcoming Consoles.

While both the systems uses a custom CPU and GPU combination from AMD, With the xbox series X having slightly higher “flops” than the ps5, it seems that the war is not about the raw power, the bottleneck lies between the DATA transfer – Processes – Displayed rate, and how much distance the data has to travel (physically in the motherboard).

Both the consoles have taken care of the memory slot issue by designing and placing the memories as close to the CPU and GPU as possible, but they are doing one more thing.

Both the Next Gen Consoles are ditching the ages old hard disks for much faster SSD memories, however the customisations dosen’t stop here,  U see SSD’s are fast but the connectors through which they connect to the motherboard are not, in fact the eSATA and other IO ports are still a bottleneck

Hereby, Both Microsoft and Sony has come up with their custom solutions for memory, with Sony’s solution proving a data transfer rate as high as 5.5 GB/s of DATA transfer speed compared to Microsofts 2.5GB/s of DATA transfer speed.

However, If we compare that speed to Current Generation PC memory then a SSD Offers around 500Mb/s  to 1gb/s of data transfer rate, which is one of the biggest bottleneck in current generation Pc’s and Consoles alike.

The playable demo of the next Unreal Engine  (Unreal Engine 5) released by epic games is testimony to the power of the new architecture that the new Consoles Bring in

Tim Swinny from Epic Games says in this tweet below 

The current generation of consoles (Ps4’s and Xbox One’s) were not among the biggest leaps in the computational power as their predecessors (ps3 & Xbox 360 generation) and console enthusiasts were a bet let down when the ps4 and Xboxes were announced.

But off late the graphics in the current generation Consoles have had a big leap in their Visual Fidelity mainly due to the optimisation of the console platforms (and the Pro versions of the Consoles had a Big part to play).

Ghosts of Tushima is a great Example of the level of optimisation developers have achieved in this current generation of Console hardware.

Our point is, this is just the start of the new chapter in the next Generation console wars, we are Going to see leaps and Bound betterment in the capabilities of the just announced consoles.

This is going to happen mainly because of the following these things

  1. Optimisation by developers.
  2. Use of Cloud services to Offload some of the Processing power.
  3. Better Compression technologies

We Truely believe , amazingly exiting times in the gaming world awaits us. 

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