Mass Effect Andromeda: One game – Mixed opinions

Mass Effect Andromeda releases among some exceptional games such as Resident Evil 7, For Honor, Watch Dogs 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and many more games that have been able to hold on to there ground among passionate gamers. Having a look at the success of the previous Mass Effect titles, the new installment “Mass Effect Andromeda” was highly anticipated among gamers, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to be a huge success as everyone thought it to be, right from the launch of Mass Effect Andromeda , people faced various issues within the game, including some funny in game character facial expression issues. But believe me i liked those glitches. Maybe because the characters were smiling more rather than having a depressed or angry look in there faces, as is the case with many other titles. It may be because, we gamers are connected to the game characters and their emotions and that happy face gave me some hope and courage to carry on with the game storyline, But don’t worry now, the face and animations are totally fixed with the new patch update.


By now you might be very familiar with Mass Effect Andromeda Storyline and plot. A war between worlds, Aliens, Extra-terrestrial elements, new and hostile Environments and many more. The story is very simple, all you need to do is find a safe place for habitation of the many people you brought with you in your ship in a cryo state. you have to fight aliens, reveal alien (REMNANT) Tech, make decisions that kinda affects the storyline (only a bit).

Long story short, you have to either choose Sara/ Scott Ryder as the main character and continue with the journey to take on Meridian. The actual story is very engaging, but at times kinda boring as well (Oximoronic Statement, i Know), when u can’t travel to every planet u see and that u have to return to a planet often to complete missions, it becomes repetitive, right? Well, it isn’t entirely true, as the storyline is filled with interactions with different alien species as well, u get to know their story too.
Nah!! I’m not saying a word now, no more spoilers. If you have watched The movie “Independence Day Resurgence”, then you might find Mass Effect Andromeda slightly similar to the movie, Mass Effect Andromeda shares aliens and some plots with the movie. The alien enemies and robots are similar to Crysis 3, from certain angles and at certain missions points the game looks like the next Crysis game. Ya, I know there are many critics to the game and to the story, that’s why I said, I also have mixed opinions about this game. But, I found the story really engaging.


Being powered by the DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine, this game looks absolutely gorgeous on PC, I cannot not say the same for every console as the graphical processing power requirement of this game are pretty high, i don’t think the consoles can harness the full glory of that engine when compared to a PC, but it should not be bad either, specially with HDR Enabled, Mass Effect Andromeda looks seriously amazing.

That being said, PS4 Pro users and high end PC users can enjoy the full potential of the Frostbite 3 engine. The graphical horsepower needed to max out every setting on a PC is quite high and as with my GTX 1070 i was able to get some stable 60fps gaming only at FHD Resolutions and as soon as i bump the resolution to 4K with HDR enabled and combined with the input lag of my LG 4K HDR TV, the game becomes pretty unplayable at the max settings, thats when i knew i had to lower the setting a bit to get some 40-ish fps. All Said and Done you will definitely need a powerful GPU to get some decent fps and image quality like a GTX 660 or people with new rigs a GTX 960 to play at mid-high settings at FHD. But I have to say, the HDR on this thing looks stunning, the in-game environment becomes real life like with HDR.


This game currently retails at around $60/ Rs4000 for both PC and console and is available on Amazon, G2A, Flipkart, etc.  New DLC’s of Mass Effect Andromeda are being announced too.


I think you should give it a try, specially if you enjoyed earlier instalments of the game or liked Crysis 3. I found the story very interesting and engaging specially towards the end.  Thats it guys, based on my gameplay i shared almost all the details i know about Mass Effect Andromeda, now you can make a informed descision and ya while u decide i am going to  re-play the game, just free roam, maybe…..Till then see u in my next review.
Intel i5 4440
HyperX 16GB 2133 RAM
Intel SSDs’
GeForce GTX 1070 (Non OC)

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