How Industrial IOT is utilized across different sectors?

IOT also known is Internet of things is the network of all physical items that are embedded with electronic architecture that provides the ability to communicate and work together with other IOT products and smart devices. These IOT devices are made with sensors to understand the environment and other necessary information in accordance with the specific product cause to react or to share the data that is collected with other devices to act accordingly.

IOT devices are becoming the new generation of technology. These products are all around us transmitting data and doing other necessary conversations with each other. Most of the smart devices that are in the market are IOT devices including smart appliances, wearables, smart TVs, security systems etc. These devices track the data in real time and relays it to improve the user experience, more than UE, these devices make the life safe, healthier, and more productive with efficient workflows.

IOT in Agriculture

IOT in Agriculture

IOT in agriculture has shown how technology can change an entire industry to produce the best results. Smart farming with IOT has improved the entire traditional agriculture methodology by monitoring the field in real time to take actions immediately. The help of connections between sensors (IOT devices) has saved the time of farmers in many ways. It is also reduced the wastage of resources such as water, fertilizers, and electricity. IOT is also used to monitor and ensure the quality of the soil, react according to the climate changes, choose right crops for various seasons

IOT in farming targets to provide the efficient farming whilst reducing production losses and meets the rapid increase of demand. To meet this target, devices such as robots, remote sensors and drones are used in farming. Computer imaging with the progressing machine learning and the use of analytical tools for monitoring the crops, mapping and surveying the fields for rational farm plans using IOT saves a lot of time and money whilst producing a farm without any harm to the living beings.

Agricultural drones provide high resolution of images and data for mapping and analyzing the field and crops for other IOT and smart devices. This improves the crop management in many ways and helps to produce the expected outcome from the farming. These drones are also use to disinfectant spraying and watering the crops.

Large farm owners can utilize IOT applications to collect data from each animal using a wearable IOT band. These wearables provide many real time data of cattle to monitor several things such as health, location, eating habits and reproductive cycle.

IOT is also becoming an essential part of smart greenhouses. The greenhouse uses different sensors to read the environmental changes (parameters) and send signals to the other IOT devices in the greenhouse to react in accordance with requirement of the plant. More than monitoring the climates and providing data, IOT helps to automatically control the climate within the smart greenhouse. Many sensors are used in this process and all the data are driven in real time for the cloud for processing to react as much as quick.

IOT in Healthcare

Before the spread of covid19, remote consultations were in 0.1%. As the pandemic struck, this number has increased to 43.5%. According to many researches, people are happier in virtual visits more than physical visits. The pandemic forced the healthcare sector innovations with new technologies. This leads to a full virtual hospital system with virtual doctor appointments and virtual monitoring and virtual wards. A medicine center in Pennsylvania is trailing a virtual er as an extra step on this concept.

Apart from turning the doctor’s visits virtually, there are many new IOT innovations in the realms of telehealthcare. Wearable technologies with IOT basement allow to monitor and send signals automatically about a patient’s blood oxygen level, heart rate and stress. This allows the physicians to monitor the patient any time remotely. Automated IOT devices also alert the patient about the high or low levels of glucose in the body.

Extend reality is a term that is used for three terms together. Those three terms are augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. The goggles and headset that has changed the entire traditional gaming is also a gamechanger of healthcare industry. VR is used to train new doctors and surgeons with a clear view by replacing the cadavers and live patients. VR is also used in therapy treatments for patients with mental illness and social learning difficulties. It is also used for people with autism to train them basic social and coping skills.

AR/MR is often used together. The new accuvein IOT system (device) helps doctors to accurately locate veins to administrate injections. This highlights the vein accurately by detecting the heat signature from the flowing blood. Microsoft’s hololens IOT system (device) helps surgeons in the theatre to do the operations more accurately by providing information real time information about what they are seeing.

Health factor depends on IOT for various needs. This allows to scan thousands of images of Xray, MRI and CT scans which is impossible for a doctor. The IOT devices send the scan reports to AI machines and alert the doctor of irregularities in the scans compared to a healthy person. This helps doctors to only check the irregular scan reports and reduce the waste of printing the results of scans.

Robots are the one of the best examples for IOT based systems. These robots have made a significant change in health industry. These robots are used to do complex surgeries in a innovative manner to make the whole process easy for doctors. This is done by placing small internet connective devices with the human body in little and invasive method that is ever found in medical science. By using these devices, surgeons are making the surgeries without making large incision in the body.

These products are proof that the future of healthcare is supercharged by IOT devices and readily implemented in medical science. These IOT devices are promising for a drastic change of medical system and for patients to ensure a well life.


The IOT industry is creating a drastic change in all most all industries. IOT is the solution to challenges faced by industries like health and agriculture for years. Challenges for agriculture like climate changes, draught and global warning which are uncontrollable negativity to the industry can be reduced through the technology. Health sector is also transforming to be a full virtual industry with virtual monitoring systems and appointments.

Even though IOT has created many solutions, Still they are under testing in many fields. It seems to be the real game changer in coming years as tech companies like google, Microsoft ,Samsung and apple is investing more into this field. There will be a huge improvement on IOT with these tech kings getting into the this market.

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