Hitman Absolution Game Movie

In the aftermath of Hitman: Blood Money, Diana Burnwood, Agent 47’s handler with the International Contract Agency, suddenly goes rogue, carrying out a catastrophic sabotage that includes publicly exposing the Agency. The Agency reforms under Agent Benjamin Travis; Travis assigns 47 to kill Diana and bring Victoria, a teenage girl in her care, to the Agency. Shooting and wounding Diana in her home in Chicago, 47, rather than executing her, comforts the dying Diana, who gives him a letter and asks him to keep Victoria safe from the Agency.[12]

47 hides Victoria at a Catholic orphanage somewhere in Chicago and contacts an International Contracts Agency (ICA) informant named Birdie, who asks him to kill a wealthy gangster nicknamed The King of Chinatown before he’ll play ball. After eliminating him, 47 meets with Birdie, who briefs him about Blake Dexter, the CEO of Dexter Industries, who may have more information on Victoria. As payment, 47 is forced to give his signature Silverballers to Birdie.

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