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Dead Effect 2 is a horror sci-fi game that brings mobile gaming to a whole new level. With stunning graphics and engrossing gameplay, it is an action game with a touch of RPG elements here and there, which makes this game much more interesting. The captivating storyline and the jump scare will keep the players at an edge of a seat the whole time.


In the dystopian future, humans have found a planet with an environment suitable to human beings. A spaceship named ESS Meridian is sent from the earth, with some of the best minds to colonize this planet named a Tau Ceti.

During the transit, most of the people are in deep hibernation but the few finest brain of the human species are exploring new things day and night. And they succeed, up to that point that they have conquered death, they can even create life and turn themselves into monsters.

In these experiments, a soldier which was a subject escapes and kills professor Wagner, a person who was in charge of these trials. That escaped soldier is you who survived and got the supernatural abilities, the main character of the game.

Now, all the responsibilities are on your head to set everything right on the ESS Meridian.


The gameplay is smooth as butter. The game starts with you waking up and having no idea what’s going on, in this state of confusion a voice of Danette is heard, which happens to have some knowledge about the current state. She guides you through missions to figure out where things went south.

As you progress in the game you are introduced to things that are bizarre and dangerous. You will have to survive them to move forward. With each level passing, you will face drones, mutated dogs, monsters, soldiers, zombies, and whatnot, the game is crawling with these strange creatures.

You will be mostly facing zombies and mutated dogs. The zombies can be eliminated quickly with the headshots while the dogs are not so easy to get rid of.

In-Game Puzzles

Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi horror game but presents you with quite challenging tasks and puzzles to find out what series of events lead to this outcome. To complete the puzzle, clues are given in the form of tablets which you will find here and there in the scientific experiment.

To get to the bottom of things these tablets need to be collected by betting your life on them.


The soundtrack is very well composed and aids in the impact and immersive experience Dead Effect 2 wants to deliver. The sound is so to the point that you will find yourself on the edge of your seat during the tense music and will feel an adrenaline rush when the high-intensity music during the fight plays.


Besides the soundtrack, another thing at which Dead Effect 2 excels is its stunning graphics. The surrounding debris and futuristic controls and design give a perfect feel of a deserted spaceship. Even though it is a mobile game, it has captured the detailed environment of the spaceship which sets the horror tone quite well and gives you the feeling that there will always be something waiting for you around the corner.


The controls on Dead Effect 2 are easy to navigate, the placement of different buttons on the screen is intuitive. Moreover, the buttons give a good response and if you don’t like where they are placed on the screen you can always change their place from settings.

Final Thoughts and Our Rating

Dead Effect 2 is a remarkable achievement of Badfly Interactive. The game offers a great experience, it brings you to the horrifying spaceship in outer space which is crawling with god knows what. The controls are smooth and offer flawless interaction.

As mentioned, the main highlight of this game is its stellar graphics which brings the game to the life when combined with the pumping soundtrack. This is one of the best games out there, it gives you jump scares, makes you tense, while also giving you the supremacy to tackle the challenges no matter what.

Sometimes you may feel that the missions are repetitive but still, the game is engaging and entertaining. That was a minor downside that we could find.

With all things considered it gets 8.5/10 from us.

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