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what is this bitcoin? And how do we get bitcoin? Sure, there are many articles on the web about bitcoins, but technical terms make people difficult to understand them. So here we are translating bitcoin into plain English.

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced by humans daily, it is easy to understand the importance of wireless communication.  The pace at which tec...[Read More]


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A look at our most anticipated games of 2021

Last year was a special one for the gamers. Not just gaming in lockdown was fun with new friends you...[Read More]

Edge computing is a distributed IT deployment system that places the client as close as possible to the source where data is created. A lot of organizations are...[Read More]

Developing a vaccine in less than a year is not an easy deal, but the coordinated effort of scientists, doctors, researchers, and ...[Read More]

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