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Streaming services have become the backbone of modern-day entertainment,  today’s consumers demand the best Possible Experience at a competitive price and they don’t really care about outright buying the Product / Service and gaming industry is also moving to the same subscription-based busine...[Read More]

What an amazing way to start off the year. CES The greatest show of the tech world kick started just a few days back and it has not failed to amaze tech fans fr...[Read More]


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iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X a quick preview


Apple just launched its latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 8 and (not) surprisingly enough, ...[Read More]

Last two weeks has been difficult and strange for the gaming world, while there has been some massive leaks about the story and gameplay of one of the most awai...[Read More]

Well finally its here, Amazon Prime Music is launched in india and as a brand name it is also called the “Prime Music Service̶...[Read More]

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