SOMA Review

SOMA Review

I can’t remember the last time a game gave me nightmares. As an individual of robust imagination, it isn’t difficult for something to come along that shocks me into a state of obsessive contemplation that persists into my slumber. Most things simply don’t, lacking the depths and ideation necessary to really work itself into my subconscious. Perhaps SOMA had a leg up; the concept of our continued identity in the face of ever more convincing replication (and beyond that, the importance of individual identity) has been on my mind since I realized some years ago that I will indeed die. It is morbidly serendipitous that this game happened to be released around the time I suffered a major injury, as it gave me the opportunity to simultaneously explore the topic and make some much needed medical bill cash.

SOMA tackles some big questions but does so with plenty of intelligence and some effective scares.

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