F1 2022

Formula 1 (F1 2022) has gone through some of the most drastic changes that the sport has seen within a decade with the new rules regarding the cars, and a new circuit. These changes in the sport bring opportunities for changes in what is probably the best simulation of the sport. Also, the studio behind the F1 games, Codemasters, has been acquired by EA and does bring some new prospects to the table. 

Formula 1 Story 

F1 has had a solid foundation in regards to its story department with my team, and the story mode addition and it builds on that in the new iteration. The story elements have been refined and any bugs or glitches that persisted have now been fixed. There have been additions to new camera angles in the podium celebration, more storyline elements that add to the dynamic nature of the game, and include a decent campaign for the players to care about and not just be wanting to race against AI or other people. The fan favorite, My team mode enables the players to control the various aspects of the formula one team leading to a better immersion as you sign drivers, tune the car and juggle finances all leading up to a real immersion.


F1 Gameplay

The 2022 flagship from CODEMASTERS does not disappoint in the least in the gameplay department as the game is built with minimal bugs or glitches which has been common in the AAA industry as games are being pushed more and more and half-baked games are released. F1 proves to be a solid package altogether. The addition of the new VR mode for the PC version is a very welcome experience as F1 in VR is the closest experience to the real deal that people can have in the comfort of their homes.

The game introduces an AI difficulty system which for the most part did feel a bit intuitive as to making races challenging but not steamrolling new players altogether which overall makes for a fun experience.

This year the game does not include chapter two to the breakpoint story inclusive but it has been replaced by F1 Life, a lifestyle-oriented mode focused on customizing the driver’s appearance, home, and buying sports cars for the character. This feels more like a monetization gimmick for the home screen than a fully-fledged feature which has been more of an EA influence if anything. The only plus of this was that this can be completely ignored and it doesn’t take away anything from the overall robust racing experience of the game. 

Hot laps have been added to the game which enables the players to take various sports cars that have been added to the game for laps around the circuit. These cars do not feel as good as the F1 cars but do have a certain sense of speed. The drifting however feels a bit lackey and even misses tire smoke while drifting.

F1 22 Graphics 

The flagship title from CODEMASTERS has never been particularly lacking in the visuals department and F1 2022 doesn’t disappoint either. It adds by adding a few more camera angles to cutscenes, and many more subtle details. The way the car reacts to different track areas, such as curbs, asphalt, grass, and more has been fine-tuned and looks spot on. The collision models also look amazing and very realistic damage designs have been introduced. All of this in combination with amazing lighting and ray tracing support just makes the whole experience photorealistic. The tracks are designed beautifully and the day and night cycle bring a deeper level of realism into the game. The overall color palette is lifelike and all the different tracks and cars look and feel different to their core. 

 F1 22 Controls

F1 22 Controls

The new rule changes bring a breath of fresh air into the gameplay mechanics as the new rules regarding the cars have been implemented into the game. These rules include new 18-inch tires, a lower wheelbase, and a few more changes that don’t just make the cars look amazing but also change the handling of the cars significantly. These changes make the cars a lot heavier than they used to be and thus the handling is changed such that they lose a little agility and are a bit more violent over curbs and bumps. The overall handling model seems more in line with the actual changes to the car. This makes up for a fresh experience for those who have had a good amount of time playing older F1 games.

Where the controls truly shine is with the inclusion of a racing rig if the players can dish out to spend a bit more and get the most out of their racing games. This adds a whole new depth to the game and makes up for a very realistic and adds certain feedback that no other controller can.

Final Verdict 

F1 22 is a good addition to the already packed roster of F1 games as it adds more to the experience. The added novelty of having VR support for those with the hardware gives it a slight edge over its predecessors. The Career mode is highly engaging, the handling model has been improved, and new cars and tracks have been added. The only downside is the removal of classic cars and Breakpoint and a not-so-rewarding Lifestyle segment of the game which seems more like a monetization strategy rather than a feature. The racing is lifelike and engaging with AI difficulty scaling which makes it more dynamic and challenging. The game shines where it should but lacks in some features where even previous iterations did much better. Even still this game is a great addition for any Formula 1 enthusiasts who would like to experience the thrill of racing the gold standard of racing.

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