Atlas Reactor:Turn Based Multiplayer game

Developer Trion Worlds has revealed a new IP titled Atlas Reactor. The game’s official website describes it as “turn-based multiplayer without the waiting around.” The site also details six confirmed characters so far, referred to as Freelancers. Each character possesses fives unique skills which can be deployed in battle.

Atlas World is set in a future “run by powerful Trusts.” The game sees players fight in simultaneous turns, giving them a few seconds to survey the field, make their decisions, and lock them in. After all the actions are completed, players can reflect upon where they went wrong, or what went well.

Atlas Reactor Announcement Dev Diary

Players can sign up to participate in the game’s Alpha on site. Atlas Reactor currently does not have a confirmed a release date. Check out the video above for a quick look at how gameplay works.

Atlast World would mark developer Trion Worlds’ first foray into the turn-based genre. The studio is known for its MMO games, including fantasy MMO role-playing game Rift, sci-fi MMO Defiance, and more recently Trove, an open-ended Minecraft-inspired adventure game.

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