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Twin Mirror introduces us to Sam Higgs, an ex-reporter returning home after two years when a friend passed away in a car accident. The reasons for him leaving revolves around a story he wrote that got the town mine shut down and his girlfriend at the time turning down his marriage proposal. He’s not well-liked in the town, so he means to make the visit brief


Probably the most anticipated game of the year Cyberpunk 2077 is here. If you are into action-packed, adventurous kind of games then Cyberpunk 2077 is perfect for you. It is a story set in a megalopol...[Read More]

Cloud Gaming – The Way forward

Traditionally Gaming has been dominated by Consoles, Mobiles, and PC hardware and all these three Options require a lot of initial investment from the player’s end,  Cloud gaming can solve this issue. let’s deep dive into cloud Gaming and understand the fundamentals. Let’s Start wit...[Read More]


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Spider-Man- Miles Morales – Review PS5


Finally its here, the latest iteration of the highly anticipated launch title of the Playstation 5 “Spiderman Miles Morales”, However unlike the launch titles of the PlayStation 4 console, this time the launch title is a cross-generation title This means the game is releasing on the Current-Gen (PS4 and PS4 Pro) and the next-gen (PS5) consoles all at the same time. First of all, let’s just talk about the Graphics already The game runs at native 4k on the PS5 and it offers two g...[Read More]

A few weeks ago, Sports interactive officially announced this Football Manager series is coming to new platforms and stores this year, including Xbox One and Xbox series x and sand the epic games stor...[Read More]

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