Uncharted 4 Review

It will be a understatement to call “Uncharted 4” a game, it is much more than just a game, it is a cinematic experience, the graphics, the story telling, the action & everything seems to be on par with a mainstream Hollywood movie and on top of that you have interactivity, the power to control the events unfolding. Its safe to say that the games has put to rest the rumors of a “uncharted” movie, because with this level of refinement, there no need for a movie, The game is sure to appear at Hollywood summits and conferences for lessons on how to create interactive cinema. Uncharted Jeep Plot (Via Wikipedia) Three years after the events of Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake, now retired as a fortune hunter, has settled into a normal life with his wife Elena Fisher. His world is then turned upside down when his older brother Sam, long believed to be dead, suddenly reappears seeking Drake’s help. Fifteen years prior, Drake, Sam, and another associate named Rafe Adler were searching for the long lost treasure of the pirate Henry Avery, allegedly worth over $400 million. In order to find the location of the treasure, the trio infiltrated a Panamanian prison and found a clue leading to an abandoned cathedral in Scotland. Unfortunately, during their escape, Sam was shot and captured, where he spent the next fifteen years in captivity. Sam then tells Drake that he managed to escape the prison with help from the drug lord Hector Alcazar, but Hector demands half of Avery’s treasure in return. In order to save Sam’s life, Nate reluctantly returns to his life of fortune hunting, but lies to Elena by telling her he is taking a business trip to Malaysia. Game-play The game-play has some fanatic one on one combat scenes, blaging gunfight & Car chasing scenes & outrageous parkour style action, during the gameplay it always feels like in control and the transition from cinematic cut-scenes to actual game play is very seamless The secondary / Companion characters deserve a special mention here, the companions never break out of the scene, if you are hiding they will hide with you, if you are climbing, they will climb with you, the point is the secondary / Companion characters never feels out of place. The gameplay feels mature Uncharted 4 beach Graphics I think as a series, “Uncharted” has always been the front runner is using the PlayStation processing power to its maximum capacity, Uncharted 3 actually pushed the boundaries of the PlayStation-3 system, the same seems to be the case in Uncharted 4, the character detailing seems un-real (Well in this case Very Real), the character faces have wrinkles, dust & mud, the emotions portrayed seems and feels real, the character movements are also very life like, However, the icing on the cake is the Location detailing, the game story line moves from Italy to Scotland, Panama to Madagascar and each environment looks real and very very detailed, every scene looks like postcards, only you can explore them, and that is the reason why we said that “The game is sure to appear at Hollywood summits and conferences for lessons on how to create interactive cinema.” Uncharted nathan Conclusion The game is probably the best it can get in almost all the areas, the game ticks all the right boxes, Story, graphics & action wise the game is on par or even better than Mainstream Hollywood Blockbuster movies. We feel the entertainment quotient of this game is very high Rating Our Rating for the game is 9.6/10 Watch the Video review by “Gamespot” below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b-Xe4WdRJU

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