PlayStation 5 Prices Pre Orders & Availability

Well it’s Finally Here, Sony has provided a bunch of Japanese gamers early access to the PlayStation 5 console and has allowed them to play some games on the PlayStation 5 for around 80 Mins, lets dig deep and find out answers to some of the burning questions around the PlayStation 5 console Let’s talk about the hardware first Well from the looks of it it seems like the PlayStation 5 i...[Read More]

Playstation 4 Pro Review

Lets talk about the new playstation, not the slim version but the more powerful sibling called the pro, The PS4 Pro. Design Well the first visible change is the addition of a third deck to the old playstation 4 design, so now the playstation 4 pro has three decks instead of its two decked predecessor, the new device is also a bit taller and heavier than the previous one. The power and eject button...[Read More]

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