Tom Clancy`s The Division (Demo Review)

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Tom Clancy`s The Division (Demo Review)
Tom Clancy`s The Division (Demo Review)

It was at E3 2013 that Ubisoft had announced that they were making a new open-world MMORPG for Xbox One and Playstation 4 titled “Tom Clancy’s: The Division.” It was to be in third person shooter mode and the action was set in New York City where a bio-hazardous weapon was discharged. A tablet app was announced that would allow players to log into the game from anywhere and the company had also announced drone support. On the face of it, the game concept seemed exciting.

The first disappointment came when Ubisoft, in June this year, cancelled the tablet app. The wait of two years became tedious and interest was lost. Recently, Ubisoft came out with a gameplay demo that gamers have said is quite disappointing.

According to iDigital Times, gamers had different opinions. Some liked it while others had a lot to complain about. The fact is that the game does not seem to be a well-rounded one.

The most obvious drawback seems to be lack of communication between the players who connect online to play. People join in randomly, friends become foes, a lot of time is wasted in arguments and everybody is suspicious of the other. This might make gamers give it up in sheer frustration.
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Other gamers have said that enemy encounters were too repetitive. While trying to protect oneself, a lot of unnecessary and boring cover-shooting took place with everyone trying to bring down the other and the main mission remained unfulfilled. Serious gamers are not going to like this.

Another weird thing is that the enemy takes too long to die. He walks around like a zombie even after getting shot in the head. When you die and respawn, you appear at a completely different location, far away from the action and your friends. Then you have to get in the game again.

Now to the plus points. Gamers loved the clashes with other teams, saying that they were intense. The mix of PvP and PvE and the perk system was liked by many. Gamers also liked the fact that gadgets could be customised which made the combats interesting.

All does not seem to be lost as Ubisoft can still plug these loopholes before it unleashes the game on March 8th, 2016.

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