Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The secret Mantra for a successful business

We all have grown up watching movies and listening to stories where good triumphs the evil (eventually), but one movie which stood out and took the “Good vs Evil” Concept to the next level was “The Terminator”, where the evil was portrayed as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled supercomputer with an army of “Semi intelligent” robots. The movie stretched our imagination and filled us with awe and disbelief.

Terminators SKYNET

Well this scenario seems to be very far-fetch right now, But let us just consider the technical aspects and dig deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Lets start off with Artificial intelligence or AI, AI is prevalent and evident in almost everything we do today, from shopping to travelling to social interactions to our telephonic conversations, everything we do adds up to the mountain of data these corporations process and crunch out personalized services

The social side of artificial Intelligence

For Example, Google searches are fine tuned based on our previous search history, our social profiles feeds us news and views that we are more likely to consume based on our past social behavior and our telephonic conversations are analysed based on duration, timing, Geography etc to figure out market trends.

Point is, we have already surrendered most of our personal information to big corporations and these corporations are analysing that data to predict what we may like or want to consume and present us a personalised user experience on the web or in the real world. This kind of personalization tends to creates “Artificially real” demand where the user is not even aware of the product he/she is interested in untill unless it is presented in front of him/her. In the real world its called the “target market”.

The sacred cycle of Every Business

For any business, customer retention is directly proportional to revenue growth and by personalising the user experience of its consumers with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), corporations are aiming for a higher customer retention ratio.

Self improvement through Machine Learning

Lets talk about Machnie Learning or ML, ML is relatively newer technology  and it is defined as the ability of a computer system to learn without being explicitly programmed, it involves looking for patterns and repetitive actions on an assigned task.

Muscle Memory not Memory Muscle, Pic Not to be taken literally

Just like “muscle memory” of a human body, where breathing or blinking our eyes doesn’t require an active command from our mind to our body, Machine learning teaches the computer about automatic reflexes, ideally its is done by repeating a process or a configuration so many times that that it seems like a pattern and the computer saves the process as an automatic reflex to a specific situation or Set of data.

Music search made easy by machine learning

One example of machine learning is Shazam Music search, The reciever lisens to a portion of music from any source and then dives into its database of millions of songs to search for similar wavelength patterns (Since sound is made up of wavelength) and once it finds an acceptable match percentage of the sound weavelength, it provides us with the result metadata.

Cuteness might be a factor, but here we are looking at an autonomous driving car

Machine laearning has opened up new avenues of business and one area which deserves a special mention for being the frontrunner in the combined field of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence” is “Autonomous driving

try your luck, Hiring a #UBERTesla

Almost all major automobile companies worldwide are running some sort of “Autonomous driving” project, companies like tesla, google & uber are frontrunners in the “Autonomous driving” or “driverless car” development space. “Autonomous driving” involves both the technologies in question here

With so many sensors on board (to confuse), better keep an eye on the road

The “Autonomous driving” system is fed with data from multiple sensors like Radar, camera, IR sensor, GPS etc and the data is routed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) systems for processing.

  • The Artificial Intelligence (AI) system Processes & analyses all the data in real time and recommends the best possible action based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) understanding.
  • The Machine Learning (ML) system processes the data and looks into its own database for similar patterns and recommends the best possible action based on pre-exixting Patterns and its corrosponding pre-programmed commands.

Teach everything but do not control everything


Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning are the backbone of some of the most valuable corporations in the world today and we can only hope that these corporations who has put these Highly powerful and highly complex technology on the forefront of there business model, understand these technologies well and put enough safeguards against any data leakage or data misuse.
Afterall we don’t want to get into, “Skynet from Terminator” kind of a situation. RITE.


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