This is the Final battle for detroit, the battle for freedom of the androids, See how you can save Markus, Connor, Kara all of them, one of the best p...[Read More]


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I have always enjoyed playing the original Crew for all these years, until the newest iteration of the game Crew 2 was launched. Lets get one thing st...[Read More]


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What is blockchain ? Well in the simplest of terms “Blockchain” is a kind of database technology which works on a peer-to-peer network. let`s try to u...[Read More]


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Well finally its here, Amazon Prime Music is launched in india and as a brand name it is also called the “Prime Music Service”, in this review w...[Read More]


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Monster hunter is one of the longest running game franchise with its first iteration appearing in March 2004, Since then the Monster Hunter franchise ...[Read More]


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Lets talk about prime video by Amazon or popularly known as Amazon Video, One of the main reasons why Amazon video is unique is because it is bundled ...[Read More]


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Episode 2 Synopsys: The next day, Chloe and Rachel are reprimanded by Principal Wells for ditching school. Chloe hides out at the scrapyard where she ...[Read More]


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Episode 1 Synopsys: In her Oregon hometown of Arcadia Bay, sixteen-year-old Chloe Price sneaks into a house concert at an old mill. Conflict arises wi...[Read More]


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Alter Army is designed and developed by a indie game studio called Vague Pixels based in Jaipur india, the game is a brainchild of its two teenage fou...[Read More]

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