Cubemetry Wars: a fun and addictive indie game (Video)

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Cubemetry Wars: a fun and addictive indie game (Video)
Cubemetry Wars: a fun and addictive indie game (Video)
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Cubementry wars is not just one game, it is a collection of games, with almost 50 different game modes based on Cubes to play on, we bet any player will definitely find something interesting to play within this game.


Cubementry Wars gameplay

Watch Video review and  download the game for iOS or Android here

The game is centred around a Green Cube which the player will control and Blue Cubes which are your friends and Red Cubes or Red lines which are to be avoided, eventually the game is all about saving a friend (Green) from the evil (Red) with the help of some friends (Blue).
The game is essentially divided into four different modes “Challenges, Arcade, Multiplayer and Sphere“, An additional mode for some curious gamers or developers is also available and it’s aptly names “Extras
Watch Video review and  download the game for iOS or Android here

Since we cannot cover all the gameplay bits within each modes, we will cover some of the interesting gameplay modes only.


Challenge the gamer within you in some unique ways like memory and reflexes.

  • Dexterity: The player has to navigate the Green Cube within a Red Maze by avoiding any contact with the Red walls.
  • Memory: Memorise the position of the Blue and Red Cubes from the preview of the board, than destroy the Blue Cubes by using the Green Cube.
  • Prospective: Be the Green Cube itself and control your movements and avoid Red Cubes and embrace Blue Cubes.
  • Reflex: Destroy the incoming cubes by matching the corresponding colour of the bar.


Save the Green Cube from the red daemons all along.

  • Generic: Classic arcade game, where the Green Cube has to jump through incoming Red bars.
  • Gridlock: Guide your Green Cube through the maze by avoiding the Red Cubes and gobbling up the Blue Cubes.
  • Pacifism: Just a Plain board with Blue and Red Cubes, try avoiding the red cubes as much as you can.
  • Tailgate: Your Green Cube leaves a temporary green tail, try to crack as much Red Cubes as you can with the tail.


Compete with an AI or yourself

  • Gridball: Essentially football, where you control four player (Read Green Cube) and try to defeat AI powered opponent or yourself.
  • Paddle: Virtual Pingpong ,hit the ball with the paddle to bounce, tap the paddle for a powerful hit.
  • Teleport: Port your Green Cube from one BOX to another and Guide your Green Cube through the maze by avoiding the Red Cubes and gobbling up the Blue Cubes.


Run Along the Sphere and save the Green Cube from the Red daemons

  • Constrict: Move your Green Cube along the sphere and avoid Red Cubes on the path and gobble up the Blue Cubes.
  • Equator: Run Along the Sphere with your Green Cube, avoid the Red equator and get into the centre of the sphere to teleport into the other side of the sphere and yes gobble up the Blue Cubes.
  • Trail: Run Along the Sphere gobbling up the Blue Cubes and your Green Cube leaves a small trail which can essentially kill the Red Cubes.


Some game modes present a combination of 3D and 2D view

Well the ingame graphics are minimalistic and but the game runs on a 3D world utilising the unity engine which makes the gameplay very very fluid, this in game fluidity and agility makes the game even more fun, however the graphics are not as polished as some of the big budget games out there, but the game makes up for it with the sheer number of  gaming modes it has under its sleeve.


Watch Video review and  download the game for iOS or Android here
We would like to conclude that the game is surely interesting in bits and pieces, while some of the game modes are really really fun to play and a great way to kill time, we just can’t shrug off the feeling that only if we could just cut off the “not so interesting” bits and keep only the fun parts of the game, but above all we must also conclude that this is a serious effort by an independent developer.
Watch Video review below download the game for iOS or Android here

Our rating for the game is 7.5/10

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