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Well finally its here, Amazon Prime Music is launched in india and as a brand name it is also called the “Prime Music Service”, in this review we will have a deep look at the amazon music service by discussing the following four points. Accessibility Music library User Interface and Design Price Accessibility Well, just like the prime video service and unlike some of the other popular music ...[Read More]


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Monster Hunter World Review

Monster hunter is one of the longest running game franchise with its first iteration appearing in March 2004, Since then the Monster Hunter franchise has evolved multiple folds and recently the publis...[Read More]

FnD soundbar T-180x Review

FnD is a relatively new brand launched in india and they are quickly gaining ground in this market with good sound and neatly designed speakers. Lets start off with the design This soundbar T-180x speaker looks one of the sleekest speakers that we can get at this price point,  the speaker is wall mo...[Read More]


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Assassins creed Origins

Assassins creed origin blurs the line between a sequel and a prequel as it takes us to the beginning of the assasins brotherhood. The last game seems like the story has moved towards the modern era and it seems like a concision decision on the publisher part to push Assassins creed origin`s storyline behind to the AD than BC`s. The plot Assassins creed origin is set in ancient Egypt and this time the central character is called Bayek, who is a Medway ranger who embarks on a revengeful quest. Set...[Read More]


iOS 11 is here and all of us who has been using the older generation iPhones like the iPhone 6 and the 6 iPhone  plus`s, rejoiced that the new and revamped iOS has graced our devices with a final gene...[Read More]

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