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I have always enjoyed playing the original Crew for all these years, until the newest iteration of the game Crew 2 was launched. Lets get one thing straight “Crew 2” is better and more fun to play than the previous iteration. With the new pilot program, players get to experience water and sky rides too, though that doesn`t mean that the roads ain`t any fun. The Track The map is humongo...[Read More]


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Alto’s Odyssey: A sequel to the widely acclaimed game Alto`s Adventure

Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to the widely acclaimed game Alto`s Adventure, which has won many awards worldwide for design, gameplay and sound, We are here to see if this newest iteration of the g...[Read More]

Google Pixel 2 Phone: – A detailed view on the tech inside this amazing phone

Pixel 2 line of phones are successors to the original “Made by Google” phone, that was launched last year.   Design Size wise pixel 2 is 5.7 inch tall and the pixel 2XL is 6.2 inches tall. Both the phones still boasts the two toned body colour on the back which has become quite famous with the ...[Read More]


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iOS 11 issues on iPhone 6 plus


iOS 11 is here and all of us who has been using the older generation iPhones like the iPhone 6 and the 6 iPhone  plus`s, rejoiced that the new and revamped iOS has graced our devices with a final generation update. Click here to watch the video of this article However, for most of us this happiness was short lived as this final iOS 11 version update on the iPhone 6`s has been really hard on these older iPhone 6`s and quite frankly with the new iOS 11 features and animations it seems like the iPh...[Read More]

Monster hunter is one of the longest running game franchise with its first iteration appearing in March 2004, Since then the Monster Hunter franchise has evolved multiple folds and recently the publis...[Read More]

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