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What is blockchain ? Well in the simplest of terms “Blockchain” is a kind of database technology which works on a peer-to-peer network. let`s try to understand the basic fundamentals of this exiting new technology, some of the basic elements that we would be discussing in this article are   Wha...[Read More]


Apple just launched its latest iteration of the iPhone, the iPhone 8 and (not) surprisingly enough, they have also launched an anniversary edition of the iPhone...[Read More]


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the game shop

Comming Soon – A digital game shop   We are pleased to announce that we are going to laun...[Read More]

Well finally its here, Amazon Prime Music is launched in india and as a brand name it is also called the “Prime Music Service”, in this review we will hav...[Read More]

Alter Army is designed and developed by a indie game studio called Vague Pixels based in Jaipur india, the game is a brainchild of...[Read More]

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