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#CES2018: Highlights of the biggest and 2018`s first tech EXPO

What an amazing way to start off the year. CES The greatest show of the tech world kick started just a few days back and it has not failed to amaze tech fans from all-round the world. What’s more interesting this time, is the Inclusion of AI in almost all gadgets. Looking at this trend we feel that in the next two years Artificial Intelligence will be more widely accepted and used around our day t...[Read More]



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Destiny 2 An Exclusive Insight (Spoiler Alert)

From the acclaimed makers of the Original game, here comes Destiny 2, a supercharged version destiny 1. Well what makes it different from the original is the brand new graphics and fast paced combat system which provides an amazing in game experience in that vast world. We have to play as one of the Guardians of the colossal world in Destiny 2 dominated by “Dominus Ghaul”. Actually it`s our world,...[Read More]



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Mass Effect Andromeda: One game – Mixed opinions

Mass Effect Andromeda releases among some exceptional games such as Resident Evil 7, For Honor, Watch Dogs 2, Horizon Zero Dawn and many more games that have been able to hold on to there ground among passionate gamers. Having a look at the success of the previous Mass Effect titles, the new installment “Mass Effect Andromeda” was highly anticipated among gamers, but unfortunately it d...[Read More]



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AMD RYZEN processor lineup – a major upgrade from AMD and a reality check on intel doors.

The great big thing that I and probably many of us were waiting for is finally here. Yesterday AMD’s CEO Lisa Su officially announced the AMD RYZEN processor lineup. These processors are no joke. They are designed to compete with top of the line Intel core i7 processors, but at a much lower price. This is the dawn of a new era for AMD, its not the same old power guzzlers any more, with the introdu...[Read More]


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A great gaming gear set for a budget – The Cooler Master Masterkeys Lite L (RGB Keyboard and Mouse Combo)

2016 was a great year for games and many enthusiast grade hardware too,Two gaming beasts “GTX 1080” and “GTX 1070” were launched along with some other budget oriented gaming hardware by both NVIDIA and AMD, 2017 ain’t going to be any ordinary year either, with exclusive games being launched at Q1 and more to come, gamers might need to invest on some quality gear, for consol...[Read More]


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Tom Clancy’s The Division – A game for this winter (PC version)

With the holidays and winters setting in, it’s time to finally get a bit cosy in the living room with a controller in the hand and some snacks. Well, I am actually talking about a game here, a game which was released earlier this year but it’s actually a treat to play this winter.   So, why did I recommend it this time of the year?  Well, it’s a holiday season, Christmas celebrations are ther...[Read More]

Nvidia GTX 1080 Review

THE GTX 1080: A JOURNEY TO THE BREATHTAKING LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE. With the announcement of their new beastly card, the GEFORCE GTX 1080, by NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang this month, thousands of pc enthusiasts screamed with delight owing to the fulfillment of their ultimate gaming needs. The new card is insanely fast offering 2X performance and 3X the efficiency of last year’s TITAN X. That’s what th...[Read More]

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